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Foxtrot supports connection with security systems Paradox

17.12.2012 | Category: News |

Zabzpečovací ústředny Paradox List of libraries for systems Tecomat has been expanded by library ParadoxLib. It contains function block fbPAR_DIG_EVO_system for communication with security systems Paradox Digiplex EVO. Library and description is here.

Library ParadoxLib needs to install application profile TXF 689 05 AP PARADOX LICENCE in PLC. Ths profile you need to order to each PLC. Details of working with application profiles please see documentation TXV 003 39.01 Application profiles for PLC Tecomat.

The principle of connecting security systems Paradox is in permanent status monitoring of all detectors and subsystems (grups) connected into CPU Paradox line Digiplex Evo, their tamper contacts, errors and alarms generated by CPU.

Supported models:

Type of CPU:                                  Version:
Digiplex EVO48 control panel    (All version)
Digiplex EVO96 control panel    (All version)
Digiplex EVO192 control panel  (All version)
DGP-848 control panel               (V4.11 and higher)
DGP-NE96 control panel            (V1.60 and higher)

Supported commands and functions:

• status of detectors in zones (switched on/off)
• status of alarms in zones (rest, alarm)
• status of tampers in zones (ok, tamper)
• status of errors in zones (ok, fault)
• status of fire alarms in zones (ok, fire alarm)
• status of subsystem (off, on, forced on, ready to switch on, rest, alarm, programming mode, mode STROBE)

• switch off subsystem
• regular switch on subsystem (Regular Arm)
• forced switch on subsystem (Force Arm)
• switch on subsystem to mode STAY (Stay Arm)
• switch on subsystem (Instant Arm)


Digiplex EVO.

Statuses of detectors in Foxtrot system may be used for any other logic in intelligent installation. For example for control of lighting, heating and air-conditioning according to motion sensors or window contacts in secured or unsecured mode. It may be used also for complement functions of security system - generating of alarm SMS message, e-mail etc.

For connection of security system CPU Digiplex EVO into PLC Tecomat Foxtrot or TC700 we need to use module APR-PRT3 Printer Module, what is interface on RS-232 and it is stated by Paradox for connection of CPU with third party devices. On Tecomat side the easies way is to use channel CH-1 on for example basic module Foxtrot CP-1000, what is equipped by this interface standardly.

Propojení Paradox - Foxtrot

Scheme of connection Paradox security system to PLC Tecomat Foxtrot/TC700 via communication module APR-PRT3


PLC Tecomat via function block fbPAR_DIG-EVO_system is asking their status and store it in its internal variable of structure type, that contains of field for status of up to 192 secured zones and up to 8 secured subsystems - grups. It responds to biggest model of Paradox CPU. Unused zones and grups at smaller models are in data structure deleted. Block is of course checking quality of connection and reporting errors.