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Company Teco a.s. is in operation

20.03.2020 | Category: News |

Dear customers, suppliers and partners!

Even after a month of a state of emergency, we confirm to this day that what we have declared here on the website on March 20, 2020 is still valid in our company, ie:y:


We announce that in company Teco has been till today no one case of Coronavirus infection and our employees and their family members had no contact with anyone infected by Coronavirus yet.

Manufacturing in Teco a.s. is still in operation with minimal restrictions, following the general preventive restriction.

  • All mass and group events for customers in Teco has been cancelled
  • All visits of Teco company has been cancelled
  • Movement and traffic of employees inside Teco has been minimized, including inside each department
  • Company catering has been cancelled and replaced by individal
  • Regularly few times per day all surfaces are disinfected
  • All employees are equipped by protection masks and obliged to use them all time in the factory
  • Disinfectants are available for all employees at every spaces in Teco company
  • All face to face communication, inside and outside, has been replaced by phone and internet
  • Administrative, development and sales employees has been transferred to home office and continue in work like by standard way 

Orders, Deliveries, Manufacturing, Components:

  • We are receivng the orders without restricitons by standard way by e-mails
  • Manufacturing is in operation and we are delivering orders as usually in standard time of delivery
  • Little delay of components supplies from China, which appeared in January/February, had no visible influence to our deliveries  
  • Our suppliers of electronic components announce no visible problems in deliveries too
  • Personal pick-up of goods in Teco has been cancelled
  • Deliveries of goods are realized by usual proved carriers


We wish you to go smoothly through this hard period and be health. If you need to solve any non-standard situation, we are ready to discuss with you all individual cases which may appear.


Jaromir Klaban