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Termination of Tecomat TC700 production and the launch of the new generation Tecomat TC800

04.05.2022 | Category: News |

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that the production of Tecomat TC700 control system was terminated. We are launching new generation Tecomat TC800 system. This system will be presented at Amper 2022 Trade Fair, which takes place on May 17 – 20 in Brno, Czech Republic.

Receipt of orders for Tecomat TC700 modules will take place until stocks run out. Therefore, after receiving your order we will confirm the possibility of delivery of the required pieces. As a part of our practices and service support, we guarantee the possibility of repairing Tecomat TC700 modules for the following 10 years at minimum.

We kindly ask you to use new Tecomat TC800 for your future projects.  After the oficial launch of Tecomat TC800, we will prepare technical trainings for you. 

Tecomat TC800 is the latest and the most powerful control system of company Teco a.s. It was developed for the most demanding medium and large-scale applications of industrial automation with up to 10,000 inputs and outputs and increased operational reliability. It is designed for various branches of industrial automation such as oil and gas indrustry, large energy, heavy industry and engineering, transportation etc. 

Thanks to the compatibility of different generations, this new system can not only replace but also expand existing applications implemented with previous generations of control systems from our company - NS950, TC700, Foxtrot 1 and also connect and combine with the current generation Foxtrot 2. The Tecomat TC800 system brings new possibilities, easily exchangeable modules on the DIN rail and a great price / performance ratio.

Technical data can be found in the upcoming TecoInfo magazine, which will be available at Amper trade fair and soon also in our online catalogue and price list.