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Foxtrot supports connection with worldwide weather forecast service Yahoo Weather

11.09.2012 | Category: News |

Foxrot komunikuje se systémem LUTRON

A list of Tecomat libraries has been expanded with library WeatherLib. It contains function blocks for reading of present weather and weather forecast for the next day, what is provided free of charge by server Yahoo Weather for all the world. The forecast for a real place is based on WOEID code ((Where On Earth IDentifier). One of the services for getting WOEID is here. This code may be used as input parameter for function block and it returns back a complete set of information about present weather and forecast. Download the library and example here

Yahoo Weather News site

Service Yahoo is free of charge in the case there is mentioned logo or text message Yahoo Weather where it is used.

In article about WeatherLib library there is mentioned example of using library including web page creation in WEB Maker.
Web page shows all data provided by Yahoo Weather. Example is here:

WEB stránka Foxtrotu s předpovědí počasí