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Communication with the user

The communication of the system installation with the user begins on the wall on the switch in the same way as the conventional installation. The light has to be swiftly switched off or switched on in places, where everybody has been expecting it for more than a hundred years when electricity began to be used. What’s new about the system installation, is that everything can be controlled from elsewhere, from another device, today mainly from a “mobile”. And not only within the house and its wireless coverage of wifi networks, but from anywhere on the Internet Some people prefer a graphic display or a tablet on the wall because it is permanently in the same place; someone can also enjoy SmartTV, which is also equipped with a web browser today. All of these devices point their browsers into internal web pages graphically arranged as ergonomic touch controls. They are user-friendly freely programmable and customizable for each member of the household separately. Website access has the advantage of there being no need for installations or continuous upgrades or updating anything on your mobile device anymore. On the contrary, for those who prefer installed apps, the iFoxtrot application is available to download for both iOS and Android platforms. This application adapts itself to the control program in Foxtrot, but it also allows the individual layout of control elements, the setting of customized settings and time programs for requested temperatures for zone heating. A novelty is connecting Foxtrot to Alex, Amazon’s Voice Communication Station, through their cloud interface. Similar devices can be expected from both Google and Microsoft, for which the Foxtrot system remains open.

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