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The controlling of light other than through conventional wall switches is a gratifying introduction to smart installation in all marketing materials. The ability to control the bulb directly from a mobile phone is the easiest implementation of a function, which a user can buy in a shop or on the Internet and install on their own - by screwing. However, if the lighting control is meant to be serious, comprehensive and throughout the entire home, there is no preventing interventions in the power circuits in the distributor with the circuit breaker and the electricity meter. And it is a job that requires a professional company with professional qualifications. A truly modern system, if you want a smart installation, is a combination of wall-mounted controls that look the same as conventional switches, but are able to evaluate the length and number of keystrokes and offer more functions, having color LED status indicators or built-in temperature sensors, usable for comprehensive control of the interior. The Tecomat Foxtrot system is unique in its adaptability to practically any design of switches and sockets from global manufacturers. Likewise, indoor and outdoor lighting sensors, presence sensors in individual zones, dimmers for all of today’s light fixtures, fluorescent lamp LED chips and strips as well as LED light bulbs and RGB color control are an integral part of the kit – the entire Foxtrot ecosystem.

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