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Measuring other quantities

Foxtrot is prepared to capture all the physical quantities that occur in practice. This preparedness is based on a number of modules on the CIB or the wireless RFox, which have inputs customized to the specifics of a particular sensor. Whether it is soil volumetric humidity, relative humidity, gas concentration: CO, Methane, Butane, smoke, so-called VOC, etc. Other values include the water level in a well or tank, pH and Redox measurements in a pool, meteorological wind speed and direction, precipitation, incident of solar energy, incident of light. Measurement of electrical quantities –consumption, voltage and current from the grid, flow measurement, water consumption, gas consumption. All these are quantities that are not initially used and therefore not installed, but over time, when the user is becoming accustomed to how everything controlled by Foxtrot is comfortable and reliable, they can gradually add them to their home.

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