TECO - Automation - PLC programming


PLC programming

Tecomats are freely programmable controllers of the PLC category which are controlled by IEC / EN / ČSN 61131. Tecomat controllers are also harmonized standards in the European Union. The programming itself applies to IEC 61131-3. It defines two text languages IL (Instruction List) and ST (Structured Text), two Ladder Diagram and FBD, as well as a SFC (Sequential Flow Chart) program with an emphasis on the definition of program transitions between individual states.

The integrated programming, engineering and service tool Mosaic is used to program Tecomat. It is executable under Windows. Allows PLC programming, simulation and stepping without a PLC connected. If the Mosaic computer is connected to the LAN with Internet access, it can be connected to any Tecomat in the world via TecoRoute communication service, and also can be diagnosed or PLC reprogrammed. Mosaic contains a number of other tools to help and accelerate the work of programmers, such as WEB Maker, Panel Maker, Graph Maker, and other powerful debug utilities.