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About company Teco a.s.

Teco a. s. is one of the leading manufacturers of regulation and control systems of the PLC category (Programmable Logic Controllers) that are made and tested according to internationally valid and recognized IEC directives/EN 61131.

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Teco a. s. provides full control over its products as well as manufacturing procedures in conformance with the EN ISO 9001 standard.

Teco a. s. guarantees a long-term service-life of its products and provides technical and service support for them.

Teco a. s. provides increased operational reliability and sophisticated communication capability of its products. Thanks to the company development and production capacities, Teco a. s. continuously innovates its products, all this with respect to their reverse compatibility.

Teco a. s. is a company with tradition:

  • 1919 - B.K. Prchalové telephone and telegraph sets,
  • 1934 - Prchal Ericsson and Co. automatic telephone sets and exchanges,
  • 1945 - Tesla Kolín,
  • 1966 - first NC control
  • 1976 - first PLC
  • 1989 - new generation of PLC Tecomat: NS950,
  • 1993 - Teco s.r.o established
  • 1994 - Teco a. s. established
  • 1997 - New brand Tecoreg DDC controller,
  • 2003 - New modular PLC Tecomat TC700,
  • 2007 - New compact and modular Tecomat Foxtrot

Teco a. s. is part of the Group Teco encompassing development, production, distribution and implementation capacities:

GEOVAP -> TECO  -> Proteco

Note: Proteco s.r.o. provides engineering and comissioning.
Geovap s.r.o. develops the Reliance SCADA visualization environment.

Teco a. s. closely co-operates with Czech technical schools and universities. The controllers of Teco a. s. have been used in a great number of graduation theses. The developers of Teco a. s. are highly reputable authors of text books and manuals dealing with automation and control techniques.

Teco a. s. sells its product in various countries through its business partners and system integrators.

Teco a. s. concentrates its activities on the field of distribution primarily on application, realization or engineering companies being active in the field of automation, measurement and control.

Teco a. s. provides consultancy and hotline services free of charge.

Teco a. s. supports its customers through regular trainings of project engineers, programmers and end users.

Teco a. s. provides service within the guarantee period of 36 months and continuous after-sale service, both available 24 hours a day.

Teco a. s. means long-term protection of customer's investment.

More information about us and our products you may find at brochure Presentation of the company Teco a.s.

Detailed presentation of our control systems you may download in .ppt presentation Teco company & Tecomat systems Presentation (135 MB).