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10th September 2019: Webinar - Presentation of new generation Tecomat Foxtrot CP-2xxx central modules and other new Teco products


New generation of Tecomat Foxtrot system central modules is coming, so let us kindly invite you to webinar presenting new central moduels CP-2xxx and other new products in Teco offer.

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Mosaic programming videolessons at YouTube


We started publishing Mosaic programming videolessons at YouTube. They are dedicated to specific topics, so you can easy find the topic you are interested in.

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Anniversary issue of magazine TecoInfo has been launched


We launched new and anniversary issue of our magazine TecoInfo. It brings information about new generation of central modules Tecomat Foxtrot2, many success stories and new products as well. You can reed about electrotechnical manufacturing in Kolin, as we celebrate 100th anniversary of electrotechnical manufacturing here.
In electronic version you can get TecoInfo 40 here, printed version is available at our exhibiton booth. 
TecoInfo 40

Company holiday


Dear customers, we would like to inform you that our company will be closed from 29th July to 9th August 2019 for the company holiday. Thank you for understanding.

Meet us at coming trade fairs


In the beginning of 2019, we are bringing you the dates of planned trade fairs, where we are presenting our control systems and where we can meet each other.

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New Mosaic version 2019.1 was launched


We have launched new version of programming software Mosaic 2019.1.

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GDRP, TecoNews and Privacy Policy


In compliance with European legislation (GDPR), we have published on 25th May our new Privacy Policy. This policy influences as well sending our newsletters TecoNews.

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New Teco building shows a sample solution for energy-efficient buildings


Magazine Svetlo (The Light) published an article about a unique energy efficient building controlled by our control system Tecomat Foxtrot. The building is our own headquarters in Kolin-Czech Republic. Read the article here.

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New issue of magazine TecoInfo has been launched


Magazine TecoInfo is bringing information of new products and interesting projects, where our systems are used. It is a great inspiration for all users and potential users of our systems.

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New Teco building shows the sample solution for energy-efficient buildings


We have presented a sample concept of extermely energy-efficient building, equipped by our control system Tecomat Foxtrot. This concept is our own manufacturing and administative building in Kolin/Czech Republic. Our building has become the training center for automation applicating companies from all over the world, where they can learn the latest automation know-how on a real project.

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