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Firmware Updater

Function After entering IP address PLC Tecomat will scan the base and all connected peripherals on the TCL2/TCL3 and CIB bus and will find the version of their firmware and compare them with the current versions available. It then automatically updates all the validated modules.
The program is designed for all Tecomat Foxtrot and TC800 modules connected with CPU via TCL2/TCL3 and CIB bus. Also for iNELS 2 CU2-01 and MI2-02 and for all iNELS 2 bus modules whose firmware is a part of Teco a.s.
Operating systems Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Firmware Updater is a software management tool for Tecomat Foxtrot PLCs communicating over an Ethernet network. With this tool, you can easily change the firmware versions of the Foxtrot central units and the peripheral modules connected to them on the TCL2 or CIB communication buses.

RFox radio modules are not currently supported.

Thanks to the newly introduced application descriptor system, it provides a comprehensive view of the complete assembly of the PLC system in the form of a tree structure, allowing the user better orientation when updating the firmware of the selected device.

Everything is supplemented by informative texts and pictures. In addition to viewing PLC reports in the form of a tree structure, the user is offered the possibility to generate a complete list of possible firmware updates in the entire PLC system, with the push of a button to upgrade them to the latest available version.

Access to new firmware versions and other files released by Teco a.s. then provides an update system that acquires information on newly released versions on the company's official FTP site. Firmwary and other necessary files are downloaded from the FTP server in complete sets directly to the computer, which gives users the confidence that after a successful update, they will have access to any of these files even offline.

Introducing the program

Firmware Updater - toolbar

The program toolbar shows 3 basic functions of Firmware Updater:

  1. PLC Run Control: Stop, Start, Reset.
  2. Verify new available Teco firmwares and download them to a computer for use without an Internet connection.
Once downloaded, the Tecomat PLC configuration is displayed in a tree view:

Firmware Updater - tree view

All automats available on a specific LAN will be displayed in the graphical report. Black and white displays those vending machines that communicate with higher priority applications eg Mosaic.

Firmware Updater - all modules in network

After you run the automatic update of all TC2 or CIB modules, you can see the progress of the update clearly in the table:

Firmware Updater - table

For firmware updates, the user is notified in the popup window. Then, you can download the news from Teco just by pressing the button:

Firmware Updater - new firmware
Firmware Updater - download firmware