TECO - Automation - Mosaic - integrated development package for PLC Tecomat conform with IEC 61131-3


Mosaic - integrated development package for PLC Tecomat conform with IEC 61131-3

Edit LD- ladder diagram
FBD - functional block diagram
ST - struktured text
IL - instruction language
CFC - continuous flow chart - advanced graphic programming
SFC - sequential function chart
Simulation Built in 100% simulator of PLC, Simulation of operating panels
Debug Tools Single-step, tracing, breakpoints, PanelMaker, GraphPanelMaker, GraphMaker, PIDMaker
Archiving Full documentation can be saved in internal memory in the PLC protected by Password
Vizualization Build in WebMaker for easy and quick generatrion of internal user web site, on-line communication with SCADA Reliance
Operating systems Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Target systems TC800, Foxtrot 2, Foxtrot, TC700, TC-400/500/600/650, TR-050/200/300, NS950

Comprehensive development tool for programming both common and demanding Tecomat applications. Mosaic enables convenient program creation and debugging, extensive projects involving a large number of control systems or remote I / O modules. Mosaic use a number of modern technologies. Environmental architecture and its individual instruments comply with IEC61131-3.

Integrated development package for low end and high end application of PLC Tecomat. Mosaic enables easy writing and debugging programs for single PLC or projects with multiple PLC in the network.

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Ord. numberName, Description
TXF 686 10.10 Mosaic Lite (free)
TXF 686 11.10 Mosaic Compact+ (USB)
TXF 686 12.10 Mosaic Profi+ (USB)
TXF 689 90 Mosaic Single licence Foxtrot
TXF 689 91 Mosaic Single licence TC700
               History of Mosaic development environment versions
version 2024.1                                                        2024-03-15
* libraries checking suppressed when opening a project
* option to suppress secure TLS communication added
* reverse translation to mnemonic code added for CPM series I (TC800/Foxtrot2)
* initialization table size limit fixed for CPM series I (TC800/Foxtrot2)
* deferred loading of CFC files for faster project opening
* library creation parameters moved from the project group file (.cfg) to the project file (.plc)
* ST code formatting adds missing semicolons after END_STRUCT, END_IF, END_CASE, END_FOR, and END_WHILE
* filter in the variable selection dialog when choosing BOOL also displays BOOL R_EDGE/F_EDGE
* filter in the variable selection dialog also offers derived types
* global pointer initialization fixed in online change for CPM-I series
* output initialization fixed during online change

* fixed a bug where comments in CFC could randomly change color

I/O Configurator
* added PLC network generation for TC800

Mosaic Updater
* suppressed new version check during batch processing

* project save suppressed if the project has not changed
* variable change monitoring fixed for the value setting rectangle
* variables are considered changed if information about them is missing

ST Compiler
* added {BACKUP} directive for CPM series I (TC800/Foxtrot2) - BackupVarLib library support
* added error message when declaring an enumeration inside a structure
* allowed byte constant in expression with word type

CP-2xxx and CP-8xxx Series Simulator
* version 2.0.065
* webserver port changed (port for Epsnet + 1)
* added communication via Epsnet TCP

version 2023.1.3 Fix 3                                                 2023-08-09
* improved stability of the environment
* fixed transition from the variable map to the code for variables defined in mnemonic code

* added support for Ukrainian

I/O Configurator
* fixed a bug that caused units on an ETCL bus to become hidden after updating descriptors

version 2023.1.2 Fix 2                                                 2023-06-19
* fixed comparison of variables' names during an online change, which could fail in cases when names had the same length differing only in the first letter
* fixed downloading of a backup mapping for online changes from connected PLC
* added connection to systems supporting encrypted communication via TLS port

I/O Configurator
* fixed an unwanted change of a channel number when updating descriptors

version 2023.1.1                                                       2023-04-24
* the order of the file compilation can be changed using drag and drop
* fixed searching for free space in the fixation table
* fixed unwanted font changes in LD and FBD on the second change of the scheme font size 
* improved transition from register map to definition
* offsets of instructions in the program listing adjusted according to offsets of processes
* during Archiving a project (to PLC), files added via the #include directive are also archived

IEC manager
* selecting a node with Ctrl pressed in the IEC Manager's trees displays the selected item in the text editor
* fixed obtaining of the bit position for sorting variables (if the variables were on the same byte, they were sorted alphabetically)
* added possibility to drag and drop of the data type (inserts the type name in the ST code, offers creation of a variable of the given type in the CFC)

I/O Configurator
* configuration check before sending to PLC (TC800/Foxtrot2)
* displaying of address switch for TC800 peripherals

HW configuration
* fixed export of user notes containing semicolons

* changed calculation of the width of texts in CFC independent of the set magnification
* fixed deleting unused libraries (valid mjf files have been deleted)
* added the ability to change the color of comments
* added check of the final apostrophe when entering a string constant
* selection of the variable is filtered by type, if it is possible to determine it from the connection

* fixed displaying and editing of negative time
* fixed error report for invalid Canvas object control structure
* fixed copying of the Canvas object between projects (images)

* fixed project archiving (to PLC) - control file saved wasn't saved

* added support for Serbian language

* fixed maximum length of the string constant check
* fixed maximum length of strings at constants check
* fixed repeater type control for initialization of arrays
* fixed array of function block calls with the first variable of type VAR_IN_OUT
* allowed missing semicolon after END_IF

Simulator of the CP-2xxx and CP-8xxx series
* version 2.0.058

version 2022.2.0 Fix2                                                  2022-08-08
* Added an option to toggle line comments on a block of code
* added an option to manage files added to the project backup

I/O Configurator
* Fixed errors in searching

* Added an option to display the page name as a label, file name, or label with the file name

* Fixed an error reported when there was an attempt to access bits of an array defined by a type via dot convention

version 2022.2.0 Fix1                                                  2022-07-28
* Fixed crash after attempt to open a project that contains a central unit requiring a higher version of the HW key
* Fixed mnemocode debugging with lines longer than 255 characters

I/O Configurator
* TC800 series is only offered with the Profi HW key
* Fixed support for CIB units with variant numbers
* Fixed state where the numbers of generated serial channels could change after displaying the current connected configuration
* Modes and numbers of serial channels are displayed in the current connected configuration according to the current settings in the project

* Fixed switching EN/ENO for POUs with zero number of inputs or outputs

version 2022.2.0                                                       2022-07-18
* Improved indication of communication tunneled via MAS/MPC mode
* Fixed calculation of a hash of an online change for the CP-2xxx and CP-8xxx series (the online change may have been rejected, although the mapping of registers and HW was the same)
* Added support for online changes to OLE automation
* PLC file system dialog does not change the context when reloading a disk structure
* Minor bugs fixes

I/O Configurator
* MAS mode support for the CP-2xxx and CP-8xxx series
* Support submodule MR-0135 with PFB mode
* Option to search for modules using an alias of process data
* Option to open the communication channel log file
* Improved work with clipboard when editing aliases of modules and process data

* Improved cooperation with I/O Configurator - windows of added panels are opened and closed according to configuration changes

* Option to accept block interface changes for all instances
* Fixed an error when the active text was retrieved from the block interface editor, even if it was not displayed
* VAR_INPUT CONSTANT variables are not displayed in a schema

* Fixed a panel being unavailable in the menu after switching a project

* Fixed processing of boolean relations containing the NOT operator
* Fixed repeaters for initialization of REAL, LREAL and DATE_AND_TIME arrays
* Fixed initialization of an array with incomplete initialization within the type definition

Simulator of the CP-2xxx and CP-8xxx series
* version 2.0.053
* Fixed mnemocode debugging
* communication with Mosaic takes place on port 41682, 41683 , …

version 2022.1.0                                                       2022-02-04
* Added option to display line numbers in the editor
* Fixed registry map generation if the order of fixed registers is not ascending
* File system cleaning when changing the program name does not depend on the choice
  Project Manager > Environment > PLC Control > Suppress program name checking before sending new one into the PLC
* Current value of a variable in the Watch window can be copied to the clipboard via the context menu
* Fixed PLCnet generation
* Added 'Minimum cycle time' option for CP-2xxx

I/O Configurator
* Added tool to add features that cannot be converted automatically when changing systems
* Added comparison of the current configuration with a backup one

Graphic PanelMaker
* Changed handle when inserting a group of objects
* Fixed directory name for panels connected to the CP-2xxx series control panel

* Fixed absolute time calculation for analyzer data

* Changed handle when inserting a group of objects
* Passwords are encrypted by default for new projects
* Fixed generation of the object 'Send button for field without own button' in case
  when there is no field on the page without its own button

* Changed handle when inserting a group of objects

* Fixed checking of a STRING initialization length

* Minor bug fixes

version 2021.2.1 Fix 4                                                2021-10-26
* Fixed Russian localization
* Allowed uploading code to a SoftPLC with Compact+ HW key
* Improved formatting of ST code
* Improved speed of an on-line changes computation
* Removed duplicate listing of deleted variables in an on-line change

* Removed popping-up of a closed window during compilation

I/O Configurator
* Fixed type of the OI-1073 display

Simulator Foxtrot CP-2xxx
* version 2.0.048

version 2021.2.1 Fix 3                                                2021-09-22
* Fixed a bug when changes in FBD and LD schemas failed to save (introduced in Fix 2)

version 2021.2                                                        2021-09-10
* Fixed bug where it was not possible to create a program package with the COMPACT HW key without a connected PLC or simulator
* Fixed the "Go to line" button in the dialog "PLC information"|"Errors", where under certain conditions the index in the PLC error log may not have been calculated correctly
* Fixed when looping could occur when normalizing comments in LD and FBD schemas if they contained a long continuous block of characters without spaces
* Fixed downloading files from PLC if directories and files were selected
* Fixed maintaining communication with TecoRoute (PLC could reject new program during long delays if the program was password protected)
* Added the ability to save the created library both in the user directory and in the project group directory
* Added the ability to reserve X and Y registers areas for Foxtrot 2. Automatic allocation starts after the specified index
* An icon caption in Windows taskbar starts with the name of the project for easier orientation
* Build & Run function (F11), now only available for CP-2xxx, sends changed files even if the program has not changed

* For alarm pages, the previous address is stored in session storage instead of cookies
* Fixed renaming pages so that links are updated on the currently open page

IEC manager
* Option to delete unused libraries from the LocalLib subdirectory

ST compiler
* Fixed truncation of zero entries of initialization table (extended single-byte tables)
* Extended PUBLIC_IFOX directive with the possibility of entering the user defined name PUBLIC_IFOX=

I/O Configurator
* RFox2 support - incompatible with older implementations
* Support RF-2131 and C-RF-0001M

Simulator Foxtrot CP-2xxx
* version 2.0.045

version 2021.1.2 fix 2                                                2021-05-07
* Fixed map generation for directive TRACK_ADR

* Treated the case where the content of the web pages could be lost when the project was named "web"

version 2021.1.1 fix 1                                                2021-04-30
* Added filter to the project group selection dialog
* Improved the "Format ST code" option to avoid losing the position of the placed bookmarks
* Modification of drag&drop behavior in text editors (The default action is to move the dragged text, or copy if Ctrl is pressed when the text is placed)
* CFC editors now remember the set font size

I/O Configurator
* Fixed an update of descriptors that led to the loss of CIB peripherals on external TCL2 masters

version 2021.1                                                        2021-04-13
* Increased connection stability via TecoRoute
* Improved transfer and deletion of PLC files
* Fixed option "Format ST code" for date and time constants
* improved check of equality of the notepad image PC vs. PLC

HW configuration
* Fixed export of aliases to I/O Configurator for structures C-RC-0011R

* Fixed communication to register addresses above 65535

* Added option "Adjust to the width of target device display"
* Fixed editing of the common base of variable name and saving for the drop-down list element
* Fixed generation of a drop-down list with the read-only option selected 

I/O Configurator
* Improved descriptors update
* Improved backup of a configuration
* Support of PC mode for CP-2xxx serial channels

version 2020.2.3 fix 2                                                2021-01-18
* Increased connection stability via TCP (TecoRoute, CP-2xxx)

I/O Configurator
* Added possibility to enter alias directly in the module structure preview
* Setting the widths of alias and note columns in the module structure is saved

* Due to changes in browsers behavior for XML files, the previous address is stored in cookies for alarm pages
* Fixed generating of a rectangle object with an increased level of security and a variable to be sent
* Fixed generating of a rectangle as a link with value settings and an increased level of security
* Fixed import/export languages in Webmaker
* Language versions for "Drop-down list"

* Fixed displaying of time difference greater than 60 hours

version 2020.2.1 fix 1                                                2020-10-15
* Fixed loss of speed setting on Foxtrot 2 serial channels in UNI mode when converting to a new configuration version
* Fixed speed generation on SC-1101 serial channels in UNI mode
* Fixed corruption of MJF files when working with a project

version 2020.2.1                                                      2020-10-05
* change of installation - uninstallation of the previous version is required and it is possible to run multiple versions at once
* possibility of online updating of program components of the environment

* fixed generation of remanent register map for Foxtrot 2
* fixed removing a project from a group
* improved TCP connection behavior

* fixed context menu for group of objects in CFC
* automatic replacement of Linux line breaks with Windows ones in user program files
* added possibility to quickly format ST code from the Edit menu

I/O Configurator
* added support for Foxtrot 2 Ethernet bus - EBUS
* added indication of enabled manual mode for CIB units
* added support for submodules with additional bus for Foxtrot 2
* added warning and backup when converting configuration to new version

* fixed image cache (could cause instability when images were removed)
* added "Drop-down list" object

IEC manager
* added option to delete SFC files from IEC manager

Simulator Foxtrot CP-2xxx
* version 2.0.038

version 2020.1 SP3                                                    2020-01-30
* fixed the main menu "Project > Add" Library
* "File > Archive > Archive project (to PLC)..." newly allows to select the piz format

I/O Configurator
* fixed display of address in module settings
* fixed error during drag&drop to CFC schema
* fixed handling of peripheral processing with missing descriptor

IEC manager
* fixed dialog for adding variables (incorrect detection of local RETAIN variables for Foxtrot 1xxx series)

* Fixed downloading of files from PLC in simulation of Picture controlled by string element (letter case, date and time check, support for RAM disk)

version 2020.1                                                        2020-01-16
* support of communication via USB for Foxtrot 2
* additional information about online change
* support of local RETAIN variables for Foxtrot 2 (graphical languages, presentation in IEC manager)
* fixed searching of fully classified enumeration and added VAR_INPUT CONSTANT to code autocompletion
* fixed displaying of program extensions for Foxtrot 2

* handling of apostrophes and backslashes in elements with variable label
* iframe visibility using 'display' instead of 'visibility' property (solves problem for Apple Safari)
* browser cache control numbers are updated  for all affected pages when adding or removing pages with the left menu active
* changed the strategy for keeping track of page changes when automatic compilation of pages is not enabled
* fixed generating of format strings containing hard space in XMZ file for operator panels with UTF-8 encoding enabled

HW configuration
* fixed generating of C-RC-0011R

* added backup when sending project source code to PLC

* more strict control of data types for graphical languages

Simulator Foxtrot CP-2xxx
* version 2.0.030
* added information about used interface to UNI channel log
* fixed machine instructions TON, TOF, RTO, IMP (original instruction set of NS-950)
* added support for GetProgramInfo2(), GetPlcInfo2()
* fixed printing of "TCP listen socket opened" to UNI_TCP_SERVER log
* the connection to the TecoRoute server checks availability of the interface
* changed writing of remanent data to Rem bank during on-line change
* in PLC web server - browser cache disabled for files with *.log extension
* fixed STRING_TO_ANY with incorrect string specification
* added UTC offset [min] to %SW68
* the current status of the PLC is generated in the WWW/LOGS/PLC_INFO.JSON file

version 2019.2 SP1 hotifix1                                           2019-10-10
* fixed GT-xxxx setting of SSI freq and SSI bits

verze 2019.2 SP1                                                      2019-10-02
* fixed selecting block of code ending with END_VAR
* added support for selecting of block FOR...END_FOR

* for Foxtrot CP-2xxx system added possibility to set up to 90 credential for web server, 90 MAC address for automatic login and 90 credential for TecoApi
* fixed generation of objects on a web page when maximal number of read variables was used

* fixed generation of variables for systems not supporting IEC programming

Foxtrot CP-2xxx simulator
* version 1.9.022

version 2019.2                                                        2019-08-08
* fixed loss of PLC access passwords when opening a project without a HW key
* fixed compiling of REAL and LREAL constants given in engineer notation
* ability to create SFC schemes
* added processing of online I/O changes for Foxtrot CP-2xxx system

I/O Configurator
* new version of descriptors for Foxtrot CP-2xxx system (setting of internal peripherals is not transferred from older version!)
* added RFox2 support
* added PLCx mode (PLC mode for project groups with I/O Configurator)
* added PLD mode for  Foxtrot CP-2xxx system
* fixed reading of CIB lines if there is RFox master present
* fixed conversion tables for CIB

* fixed UDINT display in CFC (was showing signed value)

* up to 256 read variables on one page allowed for Foxtrot CP-2xxx
* support for Web Push notifications
* added security level for Rectangle, Submit button, and Canvas object

* possibility to load graph from CSV file with same origin without loss of settings

* fixed bug in pointer operations with STRING type
* fixed passing of STRING equation to STRING conversion function
* CASE now checks not only duplicity of indexes but also ranges overlap

Foxtrot CP-2xxx simulator
* version 1.9.014
* option to assign physical network adapters on PC by simulated PLC interface
* option to simulate PLC / PLD mode

version 2019.1 SP1                                                    2019-02-15
* fixed conversion to I/O Configurator for OS with enabled UAC (User Account Control)
* fixed RF and CIB configuration in HW configuration for OS with enabled UAC

version 2019.1                                                        2019-02-12
* omitted  obsolete options for the upcoming Foxtrot CP-2xxx system
* memory consumption for individual POUs has been added to the program list
* fixed minor bugs

* fixed state when the central unit is not selected in the configuration

* added icons in the align and distribution menu
* added option to set the value of the variable for the rectangle element
* added option to set the value of the variable for the submit button element
* added generating of information about IO structures for panels connected via TCL

* fixed import error from XLS

* fixed type control for MUX function in CFC
* fixed calculation of index in complex cases of arrays of structures (e.g., Result: = Field1[Field2[Index].c];)

I/O Configurator
* fixed generated structures for combinations of multiple C-AM-0600I or C-IB-1800M modules with different counters configurations

Mosaic Updater
* fixed handling of files time stamps and UAC (User Account Control) virtualization

Foxtrot CP-2xxx simulator
* more reliable closing of application
* starts in HALT mode

verze 2018.2                                                          2018-12-21

* enhanced support for the upcoming Foxtrot CP-2xxx system
* fixed enabling of online changes after creating of the ProjectLoader package
* fixed compiler errors
* customized dialog to selecting a variable - option to filter by variable type
* complete conversion of supported modules from HW configuration into I/O Configurator including settings
* new version of Foxtrot CP-2xxx simulator
* bug fixes

I/O Configurator
* new version of descriptors
* enhanced support for the upcoming Foxtrot CP-2xxx system
* speed ??optimization

* added an option to display the input field as a password field
* added an option to specify the order in which the input field is browsed in the browser when using the spreadsheet
* added an option to turn on an old version of communication that does not care about the mapping of variables and the program (execute with parameter /webOldComm)
* fixed alternative dimension of web pages in a group
* fixed archiving to PLC
* fixed simulation of visibility

* added support for pulse length control for modules OS-0808M and C-RC-0011R

verze 2018.1 SP1                                                      2018-03-13
* fixed loading of access levels in the Access settings dialog

* added support for pulse length control for modules C-JC-0201B a C-JC-0006M

version 2018.1                                                        2018-03-09
* option to select configuration tool (SelectPLC) or I/O Configurator when starting new project
* files for TecoApi and iFoxtrot are always generated to prevent old file with invalid information from being kept in PLC
* added ability to import and export global settings and return to their original state
* added time to the name of package for Project loader and project group archive

I/O Configurator
* new version of descriptors
* improved automatic backup when changing configuration
* improved fixation of values
* optimized view of data from CIB
* fixed loading configuration from PLC
* optimized communication
* global option to suppress handling of I/O modules
* option to disable changes of configuration
* possibility to copy variable names from the process data window
* fixed switching of display format for arrays
* bug fixes

* optimized size of configuration file

IEC Manager
* code competition also offers enumerations
* removed time hazards during opening of a project (may cause instability on powerful computers with Windows 10)
* syntax error detection when type is omitted with initialization variable
(e.g. myVar: = 0;)
* restored VAR_GLOBAL RETAIN view in system variables
* removed second showing of the dialog box to add global variables (Ctrl+D) when the global variations file was closed
* file for global variables is added immediately when creating a new project (ensuring the correct file order for the I/O Configurator)
* added missing arrays in the map of user registry, defined in the mnemocode with a dimension defined by a constant
* added shortcut Shift + Del for removing a library
* change of timing during closing of the application for more graceful closing of the environment

* blocks with EN/ENO are displayed as gray when they are not active
* correction of the debug preview, when the known boolean value could be replaced with ! indicating an unknown value
* fixed error when the address of variable passed by reference was interpreted as a value
* improving the behavior of disabled networks

* fixed alternative page dimensions for a group (was created smaller,
unique page numbers for refresh of browser cache was missing)
* fixed the camera object to load the first snapshot immediately after loading the page, not after the time for refreshing image elapsed
(allows you to use MJPEG as a stream with zero refresh time)
* added direct paste of objects (Ctrl + Shift + V), inserting objects into a page on the original position, not as a floating selection, which the user must place
* added option to set names and passwords for TecoApi
* user files from the import subdirectory do not change the date and time each time the compilation is done
* optimized communication

* optimized communication

* fixed incompatibility of setting with old projects

* fixed inadequate type check in assignments
* fixed hazards in the ELSIF construction
* accelerated translation
* added check of assignment of a constant to an enumeration outside the enumeration range (USINT)
* enumerations can only be assigned to a variable of USINT type
* added the {PUBLIC_API} directive for TecoApi
* fixed bug in compilation of complex construction where in FB field, the array of elements are again FB from field of FB
ArrayFB [0]: = ArrayFB [ArrayFB [2] .Index]
* fixed compilation error when index of array is expressed by pointer
Array1[0]: = Array2[pStructure^.index];
* added {AUT_CONVERSION ON} to enable automatic conversion between types,
{AUT_CONVERSION OFF} will stop automatic conversion
* returned compatibility with overlapped variables used in old code written in mnemocode
* fixed compilation error of a project without libraries, when changes of the first file was not detected during fast translation

Firmware Updater
* new version of descriptors
* new way of updating

version 2017.2                                                        2017-05-25
* option Build all could delete a machine generated file (caused by dot in the project name)
* improved I/O Configurator behavior when double click on a module
* improved Mosaic Updater behavior when an update server is not available

* changed keyboard shortcut to delete libraries (original shortcut wasn't working)
* Fixed saving of empty attribute  in fcComposeXMLtag

version 2017.1                                                        2017-05-05
* pub export files are finished with CRC16 - allows PLCComS to check for errors
* braces in comments no longer cause problems
* fixed state when a hardware definition file (hwc) was missing when archiving a project with I/O Configurator
* option Build all clear the Sysgen directory of unnecessary files (smaller project size)
* files from the PLC are downloaded to the Root directory that is used by simulator (originally downloading was directed to the SendRoot directory that is sent along with the code to the PLC)
* descriptors and update directories are moved to Program Files
* projectLoader package includes a filelist that allows better content control
* fixed write to the databox using the Evaluate/Modify window for addresses over 65536
* option to convert project from HW configuration (SelectPlc) to I/O Cofigurator
* option to change strict registry allocation control in translator options
* fixed long time to establish USB connection
* fixed exception for Windows' option for non-Unicode programs set to Russian 
* support for firmware versions 10 and higher

* Added __IECFLAT and __IECFLATTYPE operators in mnemocode for PanelMaker (fix problem with array indexes)
* added directive {PUBLIC_IFOX}. Variables with this directive are exported to iFoxtrot.pub file used by iFoxtrot application.
* fixed auxiliary variables registration for the edge triggered contacts in combination with SEL and MUX fuctions
* added directives (OPEN_UP} for functions GetVarValueByName(), SetVarValueByName() and {TRACK_ADR} for function GetVarNameByAdr() from SysLib library

* added export/import for translation in Microsoft Excel
* simplified export file format
* option to choose a language by its code (independent of the language order)
* added code for Chinese CHN

* fixed an error when the first item of type BOOL in a frame was not byte aligned

* improved arrays support
* integration with the I/O Configurator

* C-RM-1109M support added

* automatically checks and corrects the size of the cached image
* non-breaking space is replaced with   sequence for UTF-8
* fixed detection of a variable address change (the change might not been detected if a canvas object was on the page)
* margin parameter also affects the right and bottom of the page
* image from a camera doesn't start to load until the page is completely loaded

* added support for {TRACK_ADR}

version 2016.2                                                        2016-06-23

* reduced memory consumption
* reworked opening of project - less flickering
* libraries are precompiled on project opening
* empty banks in window Watch are stored
* fixed display of long strings in hints 
* fixed processing of absolutely positioned arrays of BOOL in the online changes
* add a registers ranges for CPM-I and CPM-J
* help made clearer

* added beta version of TecoUpdater
* added beta version of IOConfigurator
* allowed types BYTE, WORD, DWORD, DINT, UDINT in CASE statement
* Support for searching and replacing texts 

* support for new units C-EM-0401M, C-DM-0002L-10V, C-RS-0200R
* fixed generation of #module for UNI connection
* fixed generation of PWM for IR-1980
IEC manager
* during an online change variables are checked even if the change of the I/O configuration don't allow online change (more information for users)
* fixed name of TYPE node in libraries
* fixed bug during cloning of instances of structures in the case that project contains a library with types definitions only 
* support of VAR_INPUT/OUTPUT for IOConfigurator

* adjusted loading of windows position so that the suit multi-monitor systems
* foreign files in directories generated for display are ignored

* support for analyzer in CPM I and J

* added object embedded web page
* objects rectangle, dynamic bar and rectangle with color controlled by variable can work as a link to other page   
* refreshing of values in the input fields stops when the field is focused, not after first keystroke (easier editing on Android devices)
* fixed editing of multiple drawing canvas objects
* a new algorithm for calculating the size of the input fields to better match the display on the operator panels and web browsers
  (in existing projects is the old algorithm set as a default, enabled by option "field sizes compatible with version 2015"
* dialogue to remove unused images can delete all at once
* line graph respects settings GFILL_STYLE_FRAME and outline entire area
* editing area can be scrolled using the mouse wheel
* added copying of images associated to the drawing canvas
* added generating of projects for operator panels in UTF-8 
* generating of a set of constants with page numbers for operator panels with a control structure
* added error message if canvas control structure is missing or not valid  
* added error message if the number of variables is exceeded when generating visibility
* omitting spaces in variable names (important for operator panels)
* fixed processing of functions GC_SetTextStyle in the drawing canvas with set virtual dimensions
* fixed function for drawing the axes to the canvas. Newly distance of the text from the axis respects the virtual size of the canvas
* fixed generation of multiple images from the camera without the variables used visibility
* fixed unreleased memory in the image and variables lists
* the maximum length of the communication variables is checked
* added processing the empty structure in JSON
* added support for encryption using SHA256 (SYS 85)
* added support for parsing of long text in xml (SYS 82)
* added support for transcoding UTF8 string to CP125x (SYS 85)
* fixed size of memory for models C, G, K, L
* added support for user dictionary (SYS 87)
 GetVarValueByName(), SetVarValueByName(), GetVarAdrByName() a GetVarDescByName()
* handling of damaged JSON format

version 2015.4                                                        2015-06-22
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
* Fixed problem when comparing file names containing national characters
* Fixed displaying a #table defined as an array 
* Fixed initialization of nested structures in #table for the upcoming configuration tools
* The first version of the tool LangMan for handling of multilingual texts
* Fixed bug in PLCnet caused by incompatibility of .pux V2
* Fixed bug where the values ??of the variables do not appear on the input pins of boxes in LD and FBD 
* Default timeout for obtaining a list of the PLC via TecoRoute is set to 5000 ms, when there is timeout greater than 5000 ms in connection to PLC settings, it's used the greater one
* Date and time of file creation is not taken into account when comparing files during sending to the PLC
* Export file PUX can generate versions 1-3
* Fixed incompatibility with older versions for PUX files 

* Removed attribute format in the saved object description (attribute was complicating comparison of files)
* Added enabling of save button after changing parameters of a group of pages
* Omitted refresh of page after loading (was slowing down the transition between pages while editing)
* Fixed a case where the object image from the camera without the conditional visibility could cause an error in the script

* Added support for iGlass design

* Fixed a bug when opening a nonexistent file for reading  

version 2015.3                                                        2015-05-06
* fixed error in the map of variables (variables with absolute position were missing) - important for online changes!

version 2015.2                                                        2015-04-29
* fixed backup of PLC memory/Databox
* fixed displaying of structure in single line when structure contained BOOL (list of members was incomplete)
* fixed modifying of BOOL variables in Evaluate/Modify window 
* fixed PLCnet bug - PLCnet didn't recognize types TIME_OF_DAY and DATE_AND_TIME
* fixed error, when .mpr file contained empty line filed with spaces - caused problem during opening project group
* fixed search of line by code offset (error occurred when searching in mnemoce files)
* fixed communication error that prevent connection to PLC without FLASH memory
* fixed displaying of array of pointers - Watch window and hint with variable value
* fixed bug in Watch window when there was an object bigger than 64kB. It may cause program to crash.
* added error report during establishing of communication 
* PUX is possible to export in version V1 and V3 (version V2 was abolished)
* changed behavior and dialogs during removing project from project group  
* added option in Watch window to display alternative data format
* added keyboard shortcuts for CFC POU interface editor
* #def of absolute address removed from .map file 

IEC Manager
* fixed estimation of STRING if its size is defined by constant
* fixed estimation of array size if it is defined as data type
* show symbol definition extended to programs
* camera image is not refreshed when the element is hidden
* revised strategy to avoid loading the old pages from the browser cache
* added code page UTF-8 for STRING variables (doesn't work in simulation yet)
* fixed paste from clipboard for STRING variables for code page CP-1254 
* fixed selection of page in alarm settings 

Graphic PanelMaker
* fixed length for STRING of 255 characters

ST compiler
* Result of function can be used on left side of expression
* Function ADR() returns also address of function
* Result of function is set to implicit state in the same way as VAR items

* instruction JMI and CAI modified to previous version (accumulator is not modified)
* all breaks are cleared during HALT mode
* added handling of POW function when base is zero and negative exponent (result is NaN)
* fixed forcing of inputs in I/O settings

version 2015.1                                                        2015-03-10
* prerelease version

version 2014.5                                                        2014-12-19
* Revised window Watch
* Revised generating of PUBLIC
* Reworked the archivation to PLC
* Reworked archiving of memory / Databox of PLC
* Automatically set the context by the cursor in the active editor
* Improved the behavior of windows Evaluate / Modify
* Ignoring files starting with a dot (temporary files of Google Drive)
* Added search by offset in the program machine code (for offline search by error offsets)
* Optimize compilation of initialization for primitive types
* Highlighted tab of selected window
* Support for launch on an external monitor
* Corrected contextual menu on negative coordinates of multi-monitor configurations
* Fixed loading of long lists of PLC at TecoRoute

* Support for new units C-IR-0203S, C-IT-0202S, C-WS-0000R-iG,
                           C-WS-0200R-ABB, C-WS-0400R-ABB, C-AQ-0005R,
* Support for new OEM CPM and units SR201, SR401, SR402

* Corrected function for detection of array elements for the creation of auxiliary variables in the CFC
* Fixed obtaining type when browsing blocks of input / output type ANY
* Fixed for obtaining type of array element

IEC Manager
* Size of the fields determined via new interface - eliminates the problem of determining the size of an alias to an element of array

Graphic PanelMaker
* Added ID-22

* The structure smaller or equal to 4 bytes can be tracked as byte, word, or long in the analyzer

* Fixed bug when generating elements for setting values without a set picture for the idle state
* For graphic panels objects with negative coordinates are generated at 0,0
* Adjusted multistate images loading - accelerated
* List of objects - fixed move closer / farther, remembering the highest item
* List of objects - added ability to copy
* Keyboard shortcuts to move closer / further
* Adjusted selection of page for alarms
* Corrected writing variables to the transition to another page (in some cases write wasn't performed) fix is for simulations and webpage script
* Corrected generating of encrypted passwords
* Added object Drawing canvas
* Change in generating of scripts, so changed script won't be downloaded from browser's cache

* Error handling when parsing XML from the data logger (missing definition of the control signal Event collection)
* Added support for a new way to initialize a variable that does not use #table
* Change the version number of the simulator for Mosaic (to V8.4)
* Completed a simulation function sysWebServerInfo
* Support for function GetChanDesc() added for CH3, ..., CH10 (library ComLib)
* Fixed SYS 84 (supporting work with DataBox) for the case where the incorrect address is entered 
* Added support for encryption using AES-128 CBC, RC4, Base64 SHA1 and (SYS 85)
* Added possibility for formatting STRING in function PLC_printf 
* When storing a variable of type STRING to a csv file in the datalogger
  is respected specified number of characters + changed restriction for
   STRING variable size (now it is max. 255 characters)
* Instructions JMI, JMI L, CAI and CAI L push the accumulator
   one step back (accumulator is in the same state as
   after instruction JMP / JMD / JMC L, CAL / CAD / CAC L, etc.)

ST compiler
* Added local STRING constant

verze 2014.3                                                          2014-04-10
* Connection is closed in case that connected PLC is in BOOT mode
* Faster response from the TecoRoute service for some network cards
* TecouRoute credentials can be removed from the archive
* Fixed a bug where there was not generated initialization for online change after the compilation of already compiled project without changing source code
* It is possible to use the full length of 10 character for names and passwords to the PLC
* Option to enable initialization of variables stored inside the program code (for projects where there is error: Not enough memory for symbol tables)
* Fixed bug when sending data without EPSNET UDP header via Ethernet
* Import of KNX BAOS configuration from ETS4
* Fixed manual input of variables in Evaluate/Modify

Select PLC
* Multiple UNI connections and multiple modules SC-7104 allowed for CP-7007
* Added support for pro R-AQ-0001R
* I/O settings shows variables above %R65535 correctly
* Option to switch off debug mode in HW configuration

* Error message when it is not possible to solve the circuit caused by linked EN/ENO conditions from different sources
* Fixed bug when opening a completely blank diagram

IEC Manager
* Corrected type of alias for element of structure of fields
* Improved sorting by memory location

*  Tooltips for axis contains names of merged axis

* Tightened control for illegal characters in names and passwords
* Option "Edit field use proportional font" is enabled by default for new projects
* Removed limit of 250ms for delay between page updates
* Added CSS Style forcing the browser to use the specified font instead of the system one
* Initialized style for two-state image and element for setting the value if there is no picture
* Implementation of two-state image and element for setting the value  is realized with div instead of input['select'] ( resolving differences in display by different browsers )
* Changed non-zero value test in the XSLT transformation from > to !=
* Fixed "edited flag" for the values with limits
* Updated templates of login/logout dialogs for user modification

Version 2014.2                                                        2014-02-03
* Fixed error when creating new project

Version 2014.1                                                        2014-01-24
Select PLC
* Added support for R-OR-0001W, C-WS-0200R-Obzor, C-WS-0400R-Obzor, C-OR-0011M-800, C-JC-0006M, C-JC-0201B, C-LC-0202B

* Fixed restore of an archived project from PLC

* Fixed initialization of backward connections
* Remove unwanted insertion of block name in the header of graphic editor
* Removed forced restore when loading CFC scheme
* Fixed garbage collection for pasting objects

IEC Manager
* When creating a variable, size of string is accepted

* Fixed compiling of XMZ file with place holders
* Fixed missing delete of temporary file creation for XMZ file
* Fixed a response to double-click in debug mode when group is locked

* Fixed a bug in the calculation of sin(LREAL) and cos(LREAL) for negative and zero arguments
* Added support for JsonLibEx (SYS 82) - parsing JSON document
* Fixed handling of data type STRING[xx] in Datalogger
  (user string dimension, default STRING worked properly)
* Added support for fce CloseAllFiles() and CountOpenFiles()
* Modified initialization ROOT_DIR in the RootDirCreate()
* Fixed editing of variable type DT on display ID-14 for the year > 2037
* XML parsing fixed limit on the max number of attributes (in support of library XmlLibEx)
* Added support for function GetChanDesc() (Library ComLib)
* Fixed support for working with DataBox for CPU L when address of the variable is higher than %R65535 (requires DataBoxLib v15)
* Fixed function DirOpen() - in the case of an empty directory returns INVALID_HANDLE
* Fixed parsing xml file for datalogger
  (error in parsing the attribute " Hst" of elements Change, Hi3, Hi2, Hi1, Lo1, Lo2, Lo3)
  (error in storing Signal collection with disabled Debug parameter)
* Fixed PID and CNV instruction simulation for address of variables higher than %R65535 (CPU L series)

Version 2013.3                                                        2013-10-23
* TecoRoute driver updated
* Updated drivers for hardlock for Windows 8.1

Select PLC
* Both CIB lines made available for CP-1001
* Added support for CR-Q0400, CR-Q0600

* Fixed an error when backup CFC file was used
* Improved stability when creating CFC schemes

IEC manažer
* Fixed sorting of programs when "Sort by memory location" was chosen

* Fixed an error where there wasn't possible to insert "Dynamic bar" after inserting "Rectangle with color controlled by variable"
* Added option to set the delimiter of random numbers when displaying picture from the camera

* Fixed support for XmlLibEx library

Version 2013.2                                                        2013-09-30
* Simplified Preference panel in the Project manager
* Dialog Evaluate/Modify doesn't permit changes when programs are different
* In the editor, tag number 0 can be used
* It's possible to safely run multiple instances of Mosaic
* Suppressed warning when multiple instances of Mosaic are executed
* Adjusted the behavior of Find/Replace
* Waiting for unlocking the communication channel is display when needed
* Library Explorer can display all available versions of the libraries
* The choice of online project changes is taken in account in batch processing
* Fixed unwanted changes to simulator working directory
* Update of libraries also works for MJF
* Added context menu item "Add to watch" to all editors
* Handled timeout of communication during calculation of online changes after program compilation
* Value of the variable is also updated in the case when it is selected with mouse in the drop-down menu in Evaluate/Modify dialog
* Old HW Setup dialog was suppress (it might be opened for new CPM in some cases)
* Go to definition of variable (Ctrl + click) protected against unintentional start when copying blocks
* Fixed bug generating map of variables in the case when an array of structures containing one element which contained array of bool within the programming organization unit

* Fixed creation of auxiliary variables
* Removed debug function for EN/ENO networks producing undesired popup window
* Number of input of block can't be decreased if there are connected variables to the inputs

* Corrected name C-RC-0003S to C-RC-0003R
* Added support for C-DM-RLC-0402 and C-VO-0001
* Fixed bug in dialog Accessories
* Fixed a bug where a wrong aliases were generated after opening of project

IEC manager
* Fixed problem with an alias on ENUM
* Fixed selection of instance of variable if it was POU
* Fixed initialization during online change if a block contained pointers

* Fixed generation of two-state image, with the read-only flag
* Fixed file communications
* Fixed downloading files from the PLC for Picture controlled by variable object
* Fixed saving of page during cancellation of debug mode in order: first Webmaker, second Environment.
* Fixed editing of multiple images with preset hypertext link (link has been rewritten to index.xml)
* Creating undo after using keys to move an object
* Reworked handling of the camera image. It's possible to use multiple cameras on one page
* Aligns new objects to grid
* Display real coordinates when pasting objects
* New default favicon
* Changes of XML - default values?are "?". Added element for name when accessing via TecoRoute
* Changes of XSL - accepting names when accessed via TecoRoute
* Content-Length and Connection, which are added by browser, were left.
* Change of generating the visibility of input field with its own submit button, solves impossibility to edit field hidden under the second field
* Reworked the visibility of the double-state image and element for setting variable value to avoid the hidden one capturing mouse clicks
* The element for setting variable value has default value of 1
* Adjusted locking the group so that there are still tooltips for objects
* New feature tooltip added to all objects
* Rectangle, Dynamic bar and Rectangle with color controlled by variable may have hypertext links

Graphic PanelMaker
* Fixed bug that had prevented creation of files when compiling the panel and running simulator
* Added panel ID-21

* When exporting to wmf the order of axis in legend is maintained
* Change default absolute limits from 0-100 to maximum
* Fixed permanently displayed "hourglass" cursor after error during opening of a chart

* Fixed modifying of DATE_AND_TIME variable at panel ID-14 for years greater than 2037

version 2013.1 SP2                                                    2013-04-22
* Fixed generation of read only double-state images
* Fixed function Purge unused images (images used as page backgroud were considered to be unused)

* Fixed generation of SC-1102

version 2013.1 SP1                                                    2013-04-12

* Wherever is it possible input for new value of variable is selected in the Evaluate/Modify window
* Cancel button added to the request for type of PLC restart
* Fixed hiding of the Data window when displaying Accumulators or Memory
* Fixed unwanted text scrolling during debuging LD / FBD
* Fixed calculation of the size of arrays of functional blocks and arrays of pointers in User registers map

* Fixed deleting in Substitutes window

* Fixed initialization for C-HC-0201F-E

version 2013.1                                                        2013-04-05
Communication with PLC
* Completely reprogrammed communication with the PLC
* Improved and simplified dialog for selection of communication with the PLC
* Improved compatibility with various USB RS232/245 interface adapters (including those whose COM port emulation is not 100%)
* Added the possibility to communicate with a remote PLC via service TecoRoute
* Improved response of environment on disconnection or loss of communication
* In new projects the option to repeat messages is implicitly selected not only for Internet options, but also for Local network
* It is not possible to change the project or project group during establishing of connection to a PLC
* Minimum interval between communications increased to 5 ms (before it was 0 ms)
* Canceling request for type of PLC restart left system in HALT mode
* Ethernet port number can be selected from 1 to 65535 (previous minimum value was 1000)
* Added keep alive communication to prevent locking of pasword protected PLC
* Added detection of password lock down during communication with PLC

User Interface
* Improved the overall stability of the environment
* Fixed an error occurring during adding library on DELL notebooks
* Improved docking options
  - Docking to right panel unified with others panels
  - Option of tabs display style for each panel separately - you can choose text only, icon only, or icon and text
* Original, now less used, windows Accumulators, Memory 1 and Memory 2 are part of Watch window
* Improved color indication of equality of program in the PC and PLC in the main menu
* Improved handling of files - unknown files are offered to be open in an external application
* Added menu item File | Open in an external application
* Message windows are cleared when you close the project
* Number of events reported by users was minimized
* Fixed selection of words with mouse double-click
* When loading file is found to be damaged, possibility of loading from a backup copy is offered (files with the extension. BAK)
* Fixed a bug in Symbols manager that occurred when the global object has the same name as a previously defined element of enumeration
* Added option to remove projects from the list of recently opened projects (local menu)

Software debugging and resources
* Fixed generating of library functions which return a variable of type STRING with other than the default length
* Occurrence of unwanted character pairs '*)' and '(*' is checked during library generating
* Enumeration presentation in PUB file fixed - its data type was changed to USINT. Name of enumeration type is indicated in curly braces:
    USINT ... PUB_INOUT; ExType = {'enum_type'}, followed by any comment ...
* Pointers presentation in PUB file fixed - data type is changed to UDINT. Original data type is indicated in curly braces:
    UDINT ... PUB_INOUT; ExType = {'PTR_TO TSimpleStruct'}, followed by any comment ...
* Unwanted change of debug context when stepping in to the library POU fixed
* Changed display of arrays and strings in the Watch window (individual subfield are separated by characters '{' and '}')
* Name of enumeration items is displayed in the Watch window
* Changes in the Evaluate/Modify window:
  - STRING variables can be modified, new value of STRING can be entered without single quotes
  - Option for periodic enumeration of variable value and modal window mode were removed
* Changes in the Batch control window
  - Added possibility to send projects without compilation (by unchecking the 'Compile before send')
  - Possibility to use connection to PLC via TecoRoute

* Fixed display of text alignment when selecting multiple objects
* Fixed copying between projects with enabled and disabled language versions
* Fixed loading of PNG pictures with transparent colors defined by palette
* Fixed remembering of setting of disabled user scaling
* Fixed function Purge unused images (images used in the element for setting variable value were considered to be unused)
* Fixed correction of scroll bars
* Generating of multistate image changed using xsl:choose that handles condition, when page is loaded and the value of the variable does not match any of defined states
* Indication of generating during program compile
* Option to view passwords
* Added Substitutes - aliases to variables for pages, groups and project
* Added option to lock a group against unwanted editing
* Added layers - for ability to hide or freeze groups of objects when editing
* Added bounds for edit fields
* Function to change the common base of variable name is not case-sensitive anymore
* Removed duplicate save when closing project
* Change of strategy used to change the common base of visibility variable name (skip objects without the specified visibility variable)
* Write-only variables are numbered separately
* Text of object is not replaced by the name of selected page in hyperlink.
* Changed double-state images generating (prevents flickering in Internet Explorer)

Graphic panelmaker
* Indication of generating during program compile
* Generation of texts optimized => smaller number of files

* Transition to the block declaration pressing CTRL and clicking on the block.
* Fixed crash when debugging SEL with negated input G

IEC manager
* Fixed case-sensitivity in search for instances
* Generation of headers for graphical editors optimized

Select PLC
* Fixed import / export of CIB input/output
* Support of CFox units  C-IB-1800M, C-WDL-0064M, C-IR-0203M
* Support of communication modules SC-1101 a SC-1102

* Fixed generation of ID-14 for CP-7007

* Added support for JsonLibEx (SYS 82) - parsing JSON document
* Handling of data type STRING[xx] (with explicit dimension) was fixed in the simulation of datalogger (default STRING worked properly)
* Added support for functions CloseAllFiles() and CountOpenFiles()
* Úprava inicializace koøenového adresáøe pro simulaci souborových operací

* Fixed bugs in input window for variables
* Fixed compiling event collections without defined variable - event collection doesn't always require variable