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Tecomat Foxtrot UL listed modules

09.03.2018 | Category: News |

We are proud to announce, that Tecomat Foxtrot modules are UL listed!

Here is the list of Tecomat Foxtrot UL listed modules:

CP-1000, CP-1003, IB-1301, OS-1401, IR-1501, IT-1602, IT-1604, CP-1970, C-OR-0011M-800, C-JC-0006M, C-DM-0006M-ILED, C-DM-0402M-RLC, C-IB-1800M, CF-1141 , C-RC-0003R-Design, C-WS-0400R-Logus, C-RI-0401R-Logus, C-OR-0202B, C-LC-0202B, C-JC-0201B, C-DL-0064M, C-JR-0203S, C-WG-0503S, C-IT-0908S-PNP, C-WS-0200R-Logus, C-RQ-0600R-CHT.