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New Mosaic version 2019.1 was launched

02.01.2019 | Category: News |

We have launched new version of programming software Mosaic 2019.1.

The most significant improvement is new IO Configurator, which contains new modules and a tool for transferring supported modules from the former hardware configurator in Project manager. Many improvements has been done because of new central modules development.

New simulator, developped for new central modules, brings simulation of PLC communication functions. New features and functions has been added.


Changes in Mosaic 2019.1 version

version 2019.1 SP1                                                    2019-02-15
* fixed conversion to I/O Configurator for OS with enabled UAC (User Account Control)
* fixed RF and CIB configuration in HW configuration for OS with enabled UAC

version 2019.1                                                        2019-02-12
* omitted  obsolete options for the upcoming Foxtrot CP-2xxx system
* memory consumption for individual POUs has been added to the program list
* fixed minor bugs

* fixed state when the central unit is not selected in the configuration

* added icons in the align and distribution menu
* added option to set the value of the variable for the rectangle element
* added option to set the value of the variable for the submit button element
* added generating of information about IO structures for panels connected via TCL

* fixed import error from XLS

* fixed type control for MUX function in CFC
* fixed calculation of index in complex cases of arrays of structures (e.g., Result: = Field1[Field2[Index].c];)

I/O Configurator
* fixed generated structures for combinations of multiple C-AM-0600I or C-IB-1800M modules with different counters configurations

Mosaic Updater
* fixed handling of files time stamps and UAC (User Account Control) virtualization

Foxtrot CP-2xxx simulator
* more reliable closing of application
* starts in HALT mode

v2018.2                                                       2018-12-21

* enhanced support for the upcoming Foxtrot CP-2xxx system
* fixed enabling of online changes after creating of the ProjectLoader package
* fixed compiler errors
* customized dialog to selecting a variable - option to filter by variable type
* complete conversion of supported modules from HW configuration into I/O Configurator including settings
* new version of Foxtrot CP-2xxx simulator
* bug fixes
I/O Configurator
* new version of descriptors
* enhanced support for the upcoming Foxtrot CP-2xxx system
* speed ??optimization
* added an option to display the input field as a password field
* added an option to specify the order in which the input field is browsed in the browser when using the spreadsheet
* added an option to turn on an old version of communication that does not care about the mapping of variables and the program (execute with parameter /webOldComm)
* fixed alternative dimension of web pages in a group
* fixed archiving to PLC
* fixed simulation of visibility
* added support for pulse length control for modules OS-0808M and C-RC-0011R