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New Mosaic version 2020.1 SP3 was launched

16.01.2020 | Category: News |

We have launched new version of programming software Mosaic 2020.1 SP3.

version 2020.1 SP3                                                    2020-01-30
* fixed the main menu "Project > Add" Library
* "File > Archive > Archive project (to PLC)..." newly allows to select the piz format

I/O Configurator
* fixed display of address in module settings
* fixed error during drag&drop to CFC schema
* fixed handling of peripheral processing with missing descriptor

IEC manager
* fixed dialog for adding variables (incorrect detection of local RETAIN variables for Foxtrot 1xxx series)

* Fixed downloading of files from PLC in simulation of Picture controlled by string element (letter case, date and time check, support for RAM disk)

version 2020.1                                                        2020-01-16
* support of communication via USB for Foxtrot 2
* additional information about online change
* support of local RETAIN variables for Foxtrot 2 (graphical languages, presentation in IEC manager)
* fixed searching of fully classified enumeration and added VAR_INPUT CONSTANT to code autocompletion
* fixed displaying of program extensions for Foxtrot 2

* handling of apostrophes and backslashes in elements with variable label
* iframe visibility using 'display' instead of 'visibility' property (solves problem for Apple Safari)
* browser cache control numbers are updated  for all affected pages when adding or removing pages with the left menu active
* changed the strategy for keeping track of page changes when automatic compilation of pages is not enabled
* fixed generating of format strings containing hard space in XMZ file for operator panels with UTF-8 encoding enabled

HW configuration
* fixed generating of C-RC-0011R

* added backup when sending project source code to PLC

* more strict control of data types for graphical languages

Simulator Foxtrot CP-2xxx
* version 2.0.030
* added information about used interface to UNI channel log
* fixed machine instructions TON, TOF, RTO, IMP (original instruction set of NS-950)
* added support for GetProgramInfo2(), GetPlcInfo2()
* fixed printing of "TCP listen socket opened" to UNI_TCP_SERVER log
* the connection to the TecoRoute server checks availability of the interface
* changed writing of remanent data to Rem bank during on-line change
* in PLC web server - browser cache disabled for files with *.log extension
* fixed STRING_TO_ANY with incorrect string specification
* added UTC offset [min] to %SW68
* the current status of the PLC is generated in the WWW/LOGS/PLC_INFO.JSON file