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New Mosaic version 2020.2.1 was launched

09.10.2020 | Category: News |

We have launched new version of programming software Mosaic 2020.2.1 
version 2020.2.1                                                      2020-10-05
* change of installation - uninstallation of the previous version is required and it is possible to run multiple versions at once
* possibility of online updating of program components of the environment

* fixed generation of remanent register map for Foxtrot 2
* fixed removing a project from a group
* improved TCP connection behavior

* fixed context menu for group of objects in CFC
* automatic replacement of Linux line breaks with Windows ones in user program files
* added possibility to quickly format ST code from the Edit menu

I/O Configurator
* added support for Foxtrot 2 Ethernet bus - EBUS
* added indication of enabled manual mode for CIB units
* added support for submodules with additional bus for Foxtrot 2
* added warning and backup when converting configuration to new version

* fixed image cache (could cause instability when images were removed)
* added "Drop-down list" object

IEC manager
* added option to delete SFC files from IEC manager

Simulator Foxtrot CP-2xxx
* version 2.0.038