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Current situation with Teco products deliveries

02.06.2021 | Category: News |

Important changes in delivery times and another actions in Teco product supplies:

Dear customers,

current situation at worldwide market is causing failures in standardized distribution and supply chains and we can feel it daily in many commodities. Electronic components are unfortunately involved in these global failures.

We believe that this market will recover in the future, but in the current time we are forced to react on latest electronic components failures by these actions and recommendations: 

  1. We stop receiving orders for central modules Foxtrot CP-1xxx, because we cannot confirm deliveries.
  2. We recommend customers to use in their projects new line of central modules Foxtrot CP-2xxx, if it is technically possible.
  3. Because of big increase of central modules Foxtrot CP-2xxx in last 3 months, we are able to confirm these orders in longer delivery terms – 12 weeks and even longer.
  4. In such situation we recommend you to co-ordinate your projects and supplies with your customers, if it is possible. 

Even in this unfavourable situation we will do the best to solve individual cases, repairs and maintenance. Unfortunatelly, we are sure that general solving of deliveries in shorter time than 12 weeks is not possible.

Teco a.s.

Jaromir Klaban