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New Teco price list

01.09.2021 | Category: News |

Dear Customers,

on September 1, 2021 we issued a new price list. We were forced to reflect significant price increase of elecronic components in our product prices.

The highest percentage increase (up to 25 %) is valid for our cheapest modules.  Foxtrot CP-2xxx central modules prices were increased by 5 %, CIB DIN rail modules by 5 - 10 %, assortment of CIB wall controllers by 10 %. There is no price increase for Touch@Glass smart switches and TC700 control system modules.

Orders received before 31 August 2021 will be delivered according to the previous price list. Orders received from September 1, 2021 will be delivered according to the new price list.

You can request the current price list from your sales representative.