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New Mosaic version 2021.2

14.09.2021 | Category: News |

We have launched new version of programming software Mosaic 2021.2.
version 2021.2                                                        2021-09-10
* Fixed bug where it was not possible to create a program package with the COMPACT HW key without a connected PLC or simulator
* Fixed the "Go to line" button in the dialog "PLC information"|"Errors", where under certain conditions the index in the PLC error log may not have been calculated correctly
* Fixed when looping could occur when normalizing comments in LD and FBD schemas if they contained a long continuous block of characters without spaces
* Fixed downloading files from PLC if directories and files were selected
* Fixed maintaining communication with TecoRoute (PLC could reject new program during long delays if the program was password protected)
* Added the ability to save the created library both in the user directory and in the project group directory
* Added the ability to reserve X and Y registers areas for Foxtrot 2. Automatic allocation starts after the specified index
* An icon caption in Windows taskbar starts with the name of the project for easier orientation
* Build & Run function (F11), now only available for CP-2xxx, sends changed files even if the program has not changed

* For alarm pages, the previous address is stored in session storage instead of cookies
* Fixed renaming pages so that links are updated on the currently open page

IEC manager
* Option to delete unused libraries from the LocalLib subdirectory

ST compiler
* Fixed truncation of zero entries of initialization table (extended single-byte tables)
* Extended PUBLIC_IFOX directive with the possibility of entering the user defined name PUBLIC_IFOX=<user_name>

I/O Configurator
* RFox2 support - incompatible with older implementations
* Support RF-2131 and C-RF-0001M

Simulator Foxtrot CP-2xxx
* version 2.0.045