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Touch@Glass Design Configurator

31.01.2022 | Category: News |

In the beginning of 2022, we have launched Touch@Glass wall switch online configurator. In configurator you can design the whole switch and see the result immediately.

In the configurator you can design following:

  1. module shape (one module, 2 modules, 3 modules, 4 modules, square / rectangle version)
  2. orientation - horizontal / vertical
  3. background image on the glass surface - choose from collections or giva us your own image/photography (attach as image file during sending the inquiry)
  4. size and color of icons / letters
  5. glass type - flat / with recesses
  6. icons - for every single control position you can choose icon from icon library and add letters
  7. display color (blue / white)
  8. module type (common, RFID reader, CO2 sensor) 

Final design you can save into computer, share it (for example as an attachment of your order) and also send directly to Teco. After sending your inquiry you will get quotation of the Touch@Glass switch in your price category. All versions of Touch@Glass you can find in Teco price list. If you do not have the Teco price list, please request at Teco.

After sending your inquiry and after you send us order, you will get final graphic design for confirmation and manufacturing can start.

The work with configurator is easy and intuitive, you see immediately the result of your designing. If you need any assistance with the configurator, let us know.

Configurator is available online at www.touchatglass.com.