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New alternative of Mosaic licensing

19.03.2012 | Category: News |

MosaicDuring exhibition Amper 2012 we have announced news in Mosaic software licensing (only version v2012.1 and higher!!!). "Mosaic Single License" is an alternative to present system of mosaic licensing.  This one-off license is not connected with HW key, but it is connected with hardware of specific Tecomat - Foxtrot or TC700.
This new alternative of license simplifies cases of single PLC installations, for instance in private residential houses, in schools and universities, for trainings etc. One-off license may solve many situations of end customers maintenance.

There is a difference from HW key, which may be transferred among more computers and may be used to programm unlimited number of application softwares.  Mosaic Signle License is loaded into one specific control module Foxtrot or TC700. Then in any computer with Mosaic Lite installed you may open full version of Mosaic software (only version v2012.1 and higher!!!). This way of license is sutiable for:

  • end customers in industry, where system integrator may let the entrance to full version of application software for customer without giving him HW key, 
  • end customers in building management systems / intelligent houses, with similar reasons as above mentioned,
  • end customers in building management systems / intelligent houses, who want to programm their house by themselves and do not wish to programm more applications, 
  • schooles, universities to train the students, so every attendant has full access from his computer to all functions without limitation of Lite version.

This Single License should be ordered before delivery, because it is loaded into central module before expedition. Additional order of this Single License need to send the central modul back to manufacturer (physically). 

At present we offer two items of Mosaic Single License:

TXF 689 90   Mosaic Single License Foxtrot
TXF 689 91   Mosaic Single License TC700

Note: This way of licensing is not possible for previous product lines of Tecomat/Tecoreg systems.