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We are entering the Philippine market

21.07.2023 | Category: News |

We are pleased to announce the start of cooperation with the Philippine company One Resource Lab Software Technologies Inc., which has become the official distributor of Teco a.s. to the complete product portfolio.

After the successful start of distribution of SCADA SW Reliance, this company is expanding its portfolio to include our control systems, which it will start deploying in building automation and industrial automation projects in particular.

One Resource Lab Software Technologies Inc. uses IoT technologies to provide solutions for building management, automation and monitoring for both state administration and the private sector. It uses for this:

SCADA/HMI, BMS - ensures efficient management of the warehouse, supply chain and operation of an effective building management system

Data analysis - provides accurate data for better planning and decision making

Artificial intelligence - uses machine learning in all applications that bring convenience, increase efficiency and productivity

Solutions for ecology - preparing the company to comply with ecological regulations, e.g. monitoring air quality and carbon

Telemetry - monitoring of data in real time, e.g. parameters such as electricity and water consumption for the subsequent economical management of resources and therefore also the reduction of energy expenses


You can get a closer contact with our distributor on our website Control your house.