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New wall-mounted standardized controllers

04.04.2024 | Category: News |

We expanded the product range of glass wall controllers: C-WS-0001R and C-ID-0011R series.

Wall-mounted standardized controllers of the C-WS-0001R series

The range of glass wall-mounted CIB touch controllers has been extended by the six- and eight-button glass controller C-WS-0001R with space illumination of icons with an integrated temperature and humidity sensor, connectable to the Tecomat Foxtrot system via the native CIB - Common Installation Bus.

The controllers are available in versions with a 1" display and without a display. The controller also includes 2 analog inputs or digital inputs (configurable).

We currently deliver them in black glass and icons with illuminated circles. In the near future, another icon shape variant of illuminated dots will also appear, and they will also be available in white glass.

Drivers can be found in our online catalog, where they can also be ordered with standard delivery times.



Wall-mounted standardized controller C-ID-0011R

Another element, expanding the range of wall-mounted glass controllers for the CIB - Common Installation Bus, is the eight-button controller C-ID-0011R, equipped with a 128 x 64-dot display and one analog or digital input (configurable). The controller is also equipped with temperature, humidity and lighting sensors.

The navigation touch buttons can be used to move through the menu lists, which can be called up with the keys below the display and also to confirm the selected option via the buttons.