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Teco Energy Optimizer

06.03.2024 | Category: News |

An interesting new product in the range is a single-purpose programmed device - Teco Energy Optimizer (TEO), used to manage the electricity surplus of domestic and company photovoltaic power plants.

The Teco Energy Optimizer device ("TEO") is used for quick, cheap and simple regulation of the use of energy from a photovoltaic power plant. It is a simple device that can be connected via a communication line to the inverters of photovoltaic power plants, which can easily be placed in newly built and existing PV electrical installations as well. TEO is not intended for programming and its installation can be done by a common electrical installation company.

TEO communicates with selected inverters (see TEO User Manual) and the list of inverters is continuously expanded according to current market requirements. TEO communicates with inverters via the MODBUS RTU protocol via the RS-485 bus, but always only with one inverter.

The TEO device provides:

  • an overview of the current PV power output,
  • the facility's consumption,
  • and with its outputs it controls the loads for local and efficient use of the produced electricity.

For its operation, TEO only needs a 230V AC power supply with 2A fuse, a connection to a data network (LAN), an RS-485 bus connection to the PV inverter and a connection to the load switching elements. There are several options here - switching of discrete outputs, 0-10V regulation for SSR and also the possibility of transmitting information to the superior building control system. So everyone can set what is needed on the configuration screen and just watch PV production and use during operation.

All current data is stored directly in the device, so there is no delay caused by communication with remote servers and TEO is not dependent on these servers.

The web application is also optimized for mobile devices, it is not necessary to install any other applications or other software.

When using TEO in your FVE, the used photovoltaic energy produced on your building will increase and you will save money on the purchase of electricity.


Configuration screens



Overview screen


Teco Energy Optimizer is available in our online catalogue, where you find out user manual and product list.