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Foxtrot supports connection with alarm and security systems Galaxy from Honeywell company

11.08.2012 | Category: News |

Foxrot komunikuje se systémem LUTRON A list of Tecomat Foxtrot and TC700 libraries has been enlarged with library GalaxyLib for Mosaic. It contains function block fbGALAXY_system for comunication with alarm and security systems Galaxy Dimension GD-48, GD-96, GD-264, GD-520. It works also with old product lines Galaxy and Galaxy G3.
Library and description is here. (at present in Czech language only)
Zabzpečovací ústředny Honeywell

The principle of connection is continuous monitoring of all detectors and subsystems (groups) connected to GALAXY central unit, their tamper contacts, errors and alarms generated by the alarm system unit. 

Supported commands and functions


  • status of detectors in zones (switched on/off)
  • status of alarms in zones (peace, alarm)
  • status of tampers in zones (ok, tamper)
  • status of errors in zones (ok, trouble)
  • status of grup (switched on, off, partially switched on, ready to switch on, peace, alarm, reset required)


  • switch of the group
  • switch on the full group
  • partially switch on the group
  • reset of group alarm
  • cancel of switching on the group
  • forced switching on the group

Statuses of detectors can be used in Foxtrot for any other logic  functions in inteligent installation. For example for control of the lights, heating and air-conditioning according to information from motion sensor or windows contacts in alarm off/on mode. It can be also used for additional functions - generating the SMS alarm message, e-mail etc.

For connecting of GALAXY alarm and security system to Tecomat Foxtrot or TC700 the GXY SMART module has to be used. It creates an interfface on RS-232 and is designed by  Honeywell company for connection of security system module with third party devices. On Tecomat side it is most simple to use CH-1 for example on CP-1000 central module, which is equipped by this interface as a standard.

Propojení Galaxy - Foxtrot

Connection diagram of  Galaxy security system and PLC Foxtrot/TC700 via communication module GXY-SMART


PLC  Tecomat requests the statsus of Galaxy via function block fbGALAXY_system and stores this information into its internal variable of structure type. The structure contains fields for up to 512 secured zones and up to 32 secured subsystems - groups. This corresponds to the largest Galaxy system. Unused zones and groups at smaler units contains zeroes in corresponding parts of data structure  The block is of course checking the quality of connection and in case of error the warning is issued. The functions are described on the diagram bellow:

fbGALAXY_system - brief description of communication block functions