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New SmartTV Beovision 11 reads directly web pages of Tecomat Foxtrot

06.11.2012 | Category: News |

Beovision 11

Company Bang&Olufsen launches its new SmartTV on the market. In Prague (Czech Republic) it is presented by distributor of this brand, company KD Elektronika. New Beovision 11 has been introduced on 25th October 2012 to journalists, architects and developers in the showroom in Prague.

What was the role of Tecomat Foxtrot in this event?


Company KD Elektronika is authorised distributor of Bang@Olufsen, Lutron and Kaleidascape in the Czech Republic. For modernization of boiler room and HVAC system control of company background company ELPRAMO delivered our control system Tecomat Foxtrot. The requirement was to connect directly Foxtrot and LUTRON system, which is used in showroom for control of jalousies and lights. We have participated on this connection by creating communication library for software Mosaic.

Beovision 11 Představitelé KD elektronika a Elpramo
Image: Beovision 11 - SmartTV
Image: Representatives of KD Elektronika and ELPRAMO

Reconstruction of boiler room and HVAC system has been done by company  ELPRAMO and the whole application including visualization has been programmed on web pages in Foxtrot.

Rozvaděč s Foxtrotem Kotelna a vzduchotechnika
Image: Switchboard with Foxtrot for control of boiler room and HVAC system Image: Switchboard with local control via panel ID-14. In the background HVAC module


Image: Touch panel
Image: Speaker


During the presentation we have been surprised by the fact, that new Smart TV Beovision 11 perfectly interprets web pages of Foxtrot control system. So for direct control via TV screen we do not need any interface.

New Beovision 11
Image: System may be controlled even at the same time from iPad, wall controller Lutron or via SmartTV by controller for Beovision 11
Image: Multimedia system Beovision 11



Vizualizace kotelny Vizualizace vzduchotechniky
Image: Boiler room visualization via built-in browser in Beovision 11
Image: Visualization of HVAC system

Beovision 11  

Beovision 11 from Bang&Olufsen


Beovision 11 Intro


Bamg&Olufsen, Praha

Showroom in Prague (Czech Republic)

Photo: Teco a.s.

Czech Republic

Connection of systems Tecomat Foxtrot and LUTRON in  showroom of company KD Elektronika.

Implemented by:


Control system:
Tecomat Foxtrot, Lutron

Mosaic, Web maker