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Conference Automation In Breweries 2012

02.01.2013 | Category: News |

Automatizace v potravinářství


Representatives of our company has participated in conference Automation In Breweries 2012 in city Kostelec nad Cernymi lesy (Czech Republic), organized by publishing house of magazine Automation In Food Industry and web portal www.prumyslovaautomatizace.com, where is short video from conference available.

Pasivní účast Teco na konferenci Automatizace a modernizace pivovarů 2012

Even this year we have participated as visitors, our control systems Tecomat has been presented in background of some presentations, because we have many references in breweries.

We may mention presentation of Mr. Tomas Paulu (general manager of Sladovny SOUFLET CR and Mr. Jaromir Fiala (Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague). Both of them presented  description of computer automated process of malting plant. We are proud of our control system Tecomat being a control system of all the automation process mentioned in their presentations. The supplier of both applications is company Proteco s.r.o. (Pardubice, Czech Republic). Control system Tecomat is at both apllications connected with HMI/SCADA system Reliance for visualization of the process. Only size of applications is different. The malting plant in Nymburk is  second large application in Czech Republic and application in Institute of Chemical Technology is equipped by micro malting technology (size of one table and wardrobe).

Ing. Tomáš Paulů, Souflet ČR

Image: Mr. Tomas Paulu presented visualizations screens of all automation process step by step. Here we may see preparation of air.



Image: Settings of parameters for 2 days process of barley soaking.



Image: Visualization of brew automation process.


Sladovny Souflet, Nymburk

Image: Malting plant in Nymburk.


Ing.Jaromír Fiala

Image: Mr. Jaromir Fiala from Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague is presenting using of micro malting plant for research use in university.



Image: Example of micro malting plant  visualization. Reference of  company Proteco with our control system Tecomat, visualization Reliance.


Image: Compare this micro malting plant with malting plant in Nymburk (image above). Illustrative image from supplier - company Ravoz, in micro design.

Organizátor konference - Ing. Pohorský

Organizer of conference - Mr. Petr Pohorsky, who prepared by themself for participants a special brew - non filtered 10,5 degrees bier.


Automatizační desítka


Next year will be organized again by:


Images from gallery at: www.prumyslovaautomatizace.com