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Announcement for users of system iNELS II

28.02.2013 | Category: News |

Central modules Tecomat Foxtrot, to be manufactured from 1st March 2013, are equipped by CIB bus master, supporting only bus modules CFox manufactured by company Teco a.s. If there is necessary to connect bus modules iNELS II (from any reason), offered by company ELKO EP to central modules Foxtrot, it is possible to buy driver - application profile  TXF 689 99 AP FOXTROT CIB LICENCE. 

In such case, central modules and extension CIB masters accept only modules, developped according to contract of iNELS II development, whose firmware has been developped in company Teco a.s. These modules are published below.

Any other iNELS modules are not supported. If there are such modules offered, sold and installed, for instance like combination of below listed, Teco a.s. is not responsible for their individual functions and for functionality of the whole application.

The list of iNELS II modules supported by application profile TXF 689 99:

ADC2-40M, DA2-22M, DAC-04B, DAC-04M, DIM6, HC2-01B/AC, HC2-01B/DC, IART2-1, IDRT2-1, IM2-140M, IM2-20B. IM2-40B, IM2-80B, KEY2-01, KEY2-01R, LBC2-02M, LM2-11B, SA2-012M, SA2-01B, SA2-02B, SA2-02M, SA2-04M, SOPHY2, SOPHY2-L, WMR2-11, WSB2-20, WSB2-40, WSB2-80.

CIB Common Installation Bus is registered trade mark of company Teco a.s. This two wires bus is copyrighted by a patent. Any using of name, principle or development of modules for this bus without permission of company Teco a.s. is copyright violation.

iNELS is registered trade mark of company ELKO EP HOLDING, a.s.