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CIB Common Installation Bus

28.02.2013 | Category: News |

During 2012, Industrial Property Office registered CIB Common Installation Bus as trademark of company Teco a.s. It finally confirmed, that all rights to this bus belongs to company Teco a.s. By the way, this has been declared in contract between Teco a.s. and ELKO EP, s.r.o., specifying common project iNELS II.

According to the contract, Teco a.s. put in the project of iNELS II central module, two wires bus including design of hardware for bus interface and parametrization software. 

Because, after finishing first period of system iNELS II development, it has not been agreed further development of the system (technically and contractualy) and, because company ELKO EP, s.r.o. has terminated contract for using iNELS trademark, company Teco a.s. continues in further development of system Tecomat Foxtrot on the way to bus instalaltions and building automation under its own trademarks and under own original technical conception.   

Tecomat is trademark of any PLC from company Teco, Foxtrot is trademark of compact and modular PLC for middle and small applications. FoxTool is trademark for parametrization software. RFox is trademark for wireless peripheral system fully integrated into Foxtrot. It marks all wireless sensors and actuators developped in DIN rail design and also built-in, interior, portable or designed with high protection cover IP65. CFox is trademark for all modules connecting by two wires bus CIB Common Installation Bus.

This bus is copyrighted by patent and it is a unique combination of few principles. It is two wires bus. It holds communication and power voltage of all connected modules. The bus may be free branched and each branch does not need termination by resistors. The bus may be backed up against voltage failture and type of the bus is Master-Slave. Response of fully loaded bus is guaranted up to 150 ms. There is a proprietal protocol a part of this bus, who enables unique identification of modules in the network, initial settings of parameters and configuration, remote diagnose and remote firmware upgrade. There is automatically diagnosed absence of one or more modules in the bus..

iNELS is trademark of company ELKO EP HOLDING, a.s.