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Comment of manufacturer to technical aspects of CIB license for iNELS II modules

04.03.2013 | Category: News |

In connection with the announcement of the need to install an application profile with license to operate modules INELS II in CIB bus, we have mentioned on various discussion forums questions, assumptions, and sometimes misguided considerations. Therefore, we add a brief comment explaining that this doesn´t affect existing users and to those, who only think about installing, make a simple explanation, how to decide, whether they actually need licence or can do without it. 

Application profiles for control systems Tecomat

What is the application profile in principle?

  1. It is a function, the function block of application program or other feature of Tecomat Mosaic programming software, that is fixed to the code, generated individually for specific central module. This code must be loaded into the central module according to procedure instructions. Function applied to the central module without the code is not run, although it is a part of the application software or firmware. 
  2. On principle of application profile is based for instance Mosaic Single License, a number of communication drivers, especially with safety systems, KNX, Miele, Lutron, Bang & Olufsen, and others. 
  3. The unique code to be sent to the customer from manufacturer after payment of the application profile. 

Application profile Foxtrot CIB License 

  1. From the 1st March, 2013, in the case, that customers need to connect and control peripheral modules of iNELS II on CIB bus, there is need install Application Profile Foxtrot CIB license. Modules of CFox series can still be used without any restrictions. Central modules manufactured before that date do not need this application profile and will work with modules iNELS II without any restrictions and will work with all future versions of the firmware. In other words: 
  2. All central modules Foxtrot manufactured before 1st March, 2013 and after too, can be upgraded or downgraded, i.e. loaded a higher or lower version firmware. 
  3. Modules manufactured after 1st March, 2013 are equipped with firmware 7.5 or higher. These modules can only be downgraded to the level 7.5, but not to the lower levels. 
  4. This doesn´t affect users of already finished installations. They can continue in upgrading their central modules and add to them both CFox and also INELS II modules.
  5. The situation affects only new customers and projects. There is a need to decide whether to use in the installation peripheral modules iNELS II. If so, they have to purchase and install the application profile, respectively to calculate with it in the offer to end customers and add it to the order. 
  6. If there are only CFox modules in the installation, they can be operated without any restriction and without application profile. 
  7. The decision to use modules INELS II may occur at any time. Application profile can be bought and loaded during operation even subsequently. 
  8. After paying and installing the application profile, central modules manufactured after 1st March 2013 behave absolutely identically to iNELS II modules as modules manufactured before that date, and can be used for this system in the future. And of course with the possibility of any upgrade. But no downgrade below version 7.5.
  9. Situations, not covered by the above mentioned scheme, will be solved by company Teco individually after written explanation, to be sent directly to Teco, with the aim of long-term investment protection of the end customer. 
  10. The application profile AP Foxtrot CIB license is granted with no volume discount. Price of the application profile is stated in Teco Price List with other application profiles.   


CFox is a registered trademark Teco a.s.

iNELS is registered trademark of company ELKO EP HOLDING, a.s.