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What news are we going to present at exhibition ForArch in Prague?

04.09.2013 | Category: News |


At exhibition ForArch 2013, taking place in Prague from September 17th to 21st, we are going to present a lot of new interesting products. You may see them at our booth in hall 3, booth no. 4A37. Here you may see the coming new products:


  1. CP-1001: New central module of Tecomat Foxtrot system.
    Family of Foxtrot central modules has been enlarged with eleventh type. The name is CP-1001 and it is designated like CP-1000 for home & building automation with intelligent installation CIB. It has double size memory for program - up to 384 kB and double size memory for registers - 192 kB.

    Range of modules for CIB bus - CFox line - will expand by these modules:
  2. C-OR-0011M: Actuator into switching board for modern light sources with high inrush current. It contains 11 relays with inrush current 800A.
  3. C-JC-0006M: Jalousie actuator into switching board: It contains 6 pairs of relays with contacts connected for direct motor connection with control up/down.
  4. C-LC-0202B: Built-in actuator for light sources: A pair of relays with max. current  800A and 2 inputs with a local function without connection with central module.
  5. C-JC-0201: Built-in jalousie actuator: It contains a pair of relays for direct motor connection with control up/down.
  6. C-RQ-0600R: Interior air quality sensor/motion detector: In design of common wall switch manufacturers, measure temperature and air humidity, contains PIR motion detecxtor and 2 universal inputs temperature/contact..
  7. C-VO-0001B: Built-in audio module: Module plays one or sequency up to 40 sound files from total amount up to 125 files according to command from central module. It may be used as programmed alarm, door bell, warning alarm, reminder etc.
  8. C-RQ-0400I: Outdoor temperature and humidity sensor. 
  9. C-RQ-0400H-P: Sensor of temperature and humidity into HVAC channel: High protection design with IP65 protection for outdoor instalaltion.
  10. C-IR-0203S, C-IT-0202S: Built-in modules combined: A pair of favourite modules C-IT-0200B/C-IR-0202B has been invated. The innovation presents relays with inrush current 800A and more analog inputs - two. The second module has no relays inside.
  11. C-WG-0503R-Design: Interior RFID card reader: You may choose design of common wall switch manufacturers. It contains RFID card reader with direct connection to CIB bus.
  12. C-WS-0200R-Decente, C-WS-0400R-Decente: A pair of short-press wall switches in desigh Decente and Elegant of Czech manufacturer Obzor.
  13. C-WS-0400R-iGlass, C-WS-0200R-iGlass: glass touch wall switches and thermostats. A pair of touch glass wall switch and thermostat in luxury interior design. Elegant black colour with blue illumination is very attractive for a modern interiors.
  14. Teco Route: Function of remote access and management of Foxtrot systems via internet without need of fixed or dynamic IP address. It enables pasword protected access via web browser to integrated control web pages, remote control and management and programm changes in Mosaic.