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CP-1001 - discreet, but perspective new at Teco booth at ForArch exhibition

16.09.2013 | Category: News |

One of the 14 news , which we are just presenting at exhibition ForArch 2013 in Prague (Czech Republic) is new central module for system Tecomat Foxtrot - CP-1001 . It is an innovation of recent module CP-1000 , which is the most often central module used in smart houses / home automation. The look from outside is the same as CP-1000, but inside we may see double and triple memory capacity. As there are added new and usefull library functions, there is need for a higher memory capacity for program. That´s why in CP-1001  the memory for program has been increased  to double. And register memory has been increased to triple. We may notice applications in home & building automation, where number of controlled and managed parameters and variables is achieving top industry applications. For industry applications is designated central module CP-1003 , presented at on the market in beginning of this year, with the same size of program memory (384kB) and registeres (192kB).