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New version of Mosaic v2014.1 released!

26.01.2014 | Category: News |

We released a new version 2014.1 Mosaic development environment for programming PLC Tecomat. We have added support for new modules in series CFox: C-WS-0200R-Obzor, C-WS-0400R-Obzor, C-OR-0011-800, C-JC-0006, C-JC-0201B, C-LC-0202B and RFox: R-OR-0001W. List of new features and enhancements can be found here ...

Version 2014.1                                                        2014-01-24
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* Added support for

  • R-OR-0001W,
  • C-WS-0200R-Obzor,
  • C-WS-0400R-Obzor,
  • C-OR-0011M-800,
  • C-JC-0006M,
  • C-JC-0201B,
  • C-LC-0202B

* Fixed restore of an archived project from PLC

* Fixed initialization of backward connections
* Remove unwanted insertion of block name in the header of graphic editor
* Removed forced restore when loading CFC scheme
* Fixed garbage collection for pasting objects

IEC Manager
* When creating a variable, size of string is accepted

* Fixed compiling of XMZ file with place holders
* Fixed missing delete of temporary file creation for XMZ file
* Fixed a response to double-click in debug mode when group is locked

* Fixed a bug in the calculation of sin(LREAL) and cos(LREAL) for negative and zero arguments
* Added support for JsonLibEx (SYS 82) - parsing JSON document
* Fixed handling of data type STRING[xx] in Datalogger
  (user string dimension, default STRING worked properly)
* Added support for fce CloseAllFiles() and CountOpenFiles()
* Modified initialization ROOT_DIR in the RootDirCreate()
* Fixed editing of variable type DT on display ID-14 for the year > 2037
* XML parsing fixed limit on the max number of attributes (in support of library XmlLibEx)
* Added support for function GetChanDesc() (Library ComLib)
* Fixed support for working with DataBox for CPU L when address of the variable is higher than %R65535 (requires DataBoxLib v15)
* Fixed function DirOpen() - in the case of an empty directory returns INVALID_HANDLE
* Fixed parsing xml file for datalogger
  (error in parsing the attribute " Hst" of elements Change, Hi3, Hi2, Hi1, Lo1, Lo2, Lo3)
  (error in storing Signal collection with disabled Debug parameter)
* Fixed PID and CNV instruction simulation for address of variables higher than %R65535 (CPU L series)