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System Tecomat Foxtrot controls one of the biggest battery storage in the Czech Republic

06.06.2017 | Category: News |

70 kWh battery of BMZ Company controlled by Foxtrot and located in the University Centre of Energy Efficient Buildings.

We have obtained information about this battery from a bachelor thesis produced by David Žaitlík called Optimal control of batteries in buildings, dated May 2016. Ing. Peter Wolf, PhD was the speaker.
Batteries stored in the UCEEB building consists of ten li-ion batteries ESS 3.0 made by BMZ GmbH, six voltage inverters Xtender XTH 6000-48 and three control units RCC-02 made by Studer Innotec. Three PLCs Foxtrot CP-1016 made by Teco a.s. are installed to control these voltage inverters.
The system is also equipped with converters installed between individual communication protocols. The entire system may be divided into four separate sections for the purpose of carrying out experiments. The first portion, which is the largest, consists of four batteries, three voltage inverters, one control unit, and Teco Foxtrot PLC unit. 
The other two sections consist of two batteries, one voltage inverter, control unit, and PLC. In addition to other information the thesis also includes algorithms and portion of the software used by Foxtrot. The battery data connection diagram specified in the thesis was also used. The battery unit in the UCEEB building is one of the largest power storage systems of its kind in the Czech Republic.
Foxtrot monitors the system and watches the quarter-hour maximum and balances highly fluctuating power consumption drawn by the building. Basically, the system is running under the same mode as in a smaller family house where it would be used to reduce the side of the main circuit breaker. Simply put, to make sure that if the electricity tariffs depend in the future on the size of this circuit breaker.



Image: Data connection diagram for battery unit in UCEEB where the integration role is "played" by Tecomat Foxtrot CP-1016.