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Foxtrot at exhibition For Arch 2011 in Prague

02.10.2011 | Category: News |

Thank you to visit our stand at exhibition For Arch 2011 in Prague. We had a booth together with our good integrator - company ComArr.

Here are some news from the exhibition:

  • Smart mirror,
  • Tecometer,
  • Small wind power plant GENETOP/SIMETI.

1. The Teco and ComArr booth has been visited by many people!

Company ComArr presented integration of Foxtrot and multimedia system Control4. 

We presented all possibilities that system Foxtrot brings to home automation and intelligent electroinstallation and as well new web page www.controlyourhouse.com, where end users and potential customers for system Foxtrot may find all information, all benefits Foxtrot brings them.


2. The attractivity of the booth has been increased with a lottery with interesting prizes. ComArr company did the lottery every exhibition day.


3. On the neighbouring booth we have found the new - Smart Mirror!


4. Together with the company presenting the Smart Mirror we tested the compatibility of our system Foxtrot with the Smart Mirror. It worked perfectly. There is a new device you may use for controlling the house with Foxtrot intelligent system. 


5. We tested the compatibility many times ...


6. At the booth of PRE (Prazska energetika - Prague´s power distribution company) the visitors could see one more product from production Teco: TECOMETER. 

Tecometer read wirelessly information from electric meter and on TV screen visualize numbers and graphs of electic consuption. You may see and compare the datas of consuption for last hour, day, moths or year. 


7. We have found interesting referrence of Foxtrot system in hall 5. Company GENETOP presented small wind power plant optimalized for residential home. These product did get prize in exhibition competition GRAND PRIX. The power plant shows how open and flexible Foxtrot is and how wide is range of Foxtrot usage. Together with heat pump PZP, ACOND, REGULUS, AC HEATING, NEOTA and NUKLEON, these wind power plant is one more device, you may integrate in smart home very simply by conecting internal Foxtrots. (all mentioned devices use internal Foxtrot central unit for controlling the device)


We wonder what new refferences of Foxtrot we will see at For Arch 2012.