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Meet us at coming trade fairs


In the beginning of 2019, we are bringing you the dates of planned trade fairs, where we are presenting our control systems and where we can meet each other.

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New Mosaic version 2019.1 was launched


We have launched new version of programming software Mosaic 2019.1.

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Tecomat Foxtrot UL listed modules


We are proud to announce, that Tecomat Foxtrot modules are UL listed!

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Visit us at coming trade fairs


As every year, there are many domestic and foreign exhibitions, where we are presenting our products and solutions, so let us kindly invite you to visit us.

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HAIDY with system Tecomat Foxtrot won the main prize in the CEEP 2016 competition for a passive school project in Knezmost - Czech Republic


On Tuesday, November 21, 2017, an annual Czech National Energy and Ecological Project, Construction and Innovation Contest in 2016 took place at the Czech technical university. Representatives of the Czech Parliament, Czech government, important persons from the industry and media were present as usual. The title in the A category – constructions and buildings – was awarded to HAIDY for the reconstruction of the elementary school in Knezmost. HAIDY solution is based on our control system Tecomat Foxtrot.

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Lighting system in Tuli


Another interesting project of our control system Tecomat Foxtrot has been published in magazine Svetlo (The Light). This project is multifunctional complex "x-bionic sphere", what is huge complex of buildings and in three of them - Cinema, Congress Center and Hotel Foyer - system Foxtrot controls the whole lighting system. Read about this interesting project here.

An award-winning VARS BRNO project in the British magazine SMART HIGHWAYS


The uniqueness of the project to provide traffic information in Prague, whose general contractor was VARS BRNO, even gets a response abroad! An article published in the October issue of the British magazine SMART HIGHWAYS about this project. The project is based on our control system Tecomat Foxtrot. Read the article here.

Video from GRAND PRIX 2013 Award for our control system Tecomat Foxtrot


 Watch the video from GRAND PRIX 2013 Award  at international building fair For Arch in Prague (Czech republic).

Comment of manufacturer to technical aspects of CIB license for iNELS II modules


In connection with the announcement of the need to install an application profile with license to operate modules INELS II in CIB bus, we have mentioned on various discussion forums questions, assumptions, and sometimes misguided considerations. Therefore, we add a brief comment explaining that this doesn´t affect existing users and to those, who only think about installing, make a simple explanation, how to decide, whether they actually need licence or can do without it. 

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Announcement for users of system iNELS II


Central modules Tecomat Foxtrot, to be manufactured from 1st March 2013, are equipped by CIB bus master, supporting only bus modules CFox manufactured by company Teco a.s. If there is necessary to connect bus modules iNELS II (from any reason), offered by company ELKO EP to central modules Foxtrot, it is possible to buy driver - application profile  TXF 689 99 AP FOXTROT CIB LICENCE. 

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