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AgeVolt - Revolutionary smart charging stations of electric vehicles


New unique product for smart electric vehicles charging has been launched. Slovak manufacturer AgeVolt, using our control system Tecomat Foxtrot had developed  comprehensive solution for owners of buildings with parking lots. These owner are now facing problems with increasing reserved input power to buildings, penalties for exceeding this reserved input power from suppliers and exceeding capabilities of electric network in their spaces.

AgeVolt offers charging the electric vehicles with fluent power control 0 – 22 kW. The system is fitting to any kind of building – from family houses via shopping malls and hotels to developer real estate projects and is controlled by Teco modules from system Tecomat Foxtrot. Central module can control up to many tens of charging stations at one place. It monitors comsumption of the building (via Teco electricity meter) and optimize present charging power according to different parameters and thanks to this controlled power there is no need to create and pay independent electric network conenction.

Teco control unit guarantee independent functionality of the whole charging system without need for connecting the cloud, so the system is at any time under full control of its owner.

AgeVolt HOME: Residential houses appreciate integration of Photovoltaic systems

At family and residential houses, AgeVolt knows maximal load of the building and that´s why let the charging of the electric cars by power available at the present time, whis is the difference between maximal load of the building and present building consumption. The owner has no need to exchange circuit breakers for breakers with higher power and pay higher reserved input power from the grid and be afraid of electric network overload. And even more – in the case he has photovoltaic system, he can charge electric cars free of charge. AgeVolt system can, beside of present consumption of the house, monitor photovoltaic system power.

Every AgeVolt charger can be connected into network of sharing public chargers and in SALE mode get money from other users. „SALE mode is very attractive also for house owners with photovoltaic systems. Every AgeVolt charger can be designed as double charger, what means that one charging socket can be placed in garage for the owner and the second one can be placed in front of the hosue for public . If the owner has excess of electric energy from solar panels, he can sell it and have profit on it,“ noted Zustiak, the AgeVolt founder. In the beginning of 2021 will be running new network of public sharing chargers - AgeVolt Digital Platform.

AgeVolt BUSINESS: Commercial buildings can save on reserved input power fee

Officed and commercial building, hotels and shopping malls appreciate that there is no need for increasing the permanent fees for electricity and they cannot be penalized for exceeding the input power value. This power is monitored by AgeVolt too together with maximal wiring load in thin spaces (where is limited load of the existing wires). It ensures that parking spaces cannot take more electric energy for charging than available according to present situation and consumption.  
Owners of the buildings have no limits in number of chargers at parking spaces, no need to change existing wiring for more powerfull and be afraid of situation that all charging stations working for maximum charging power and in the same time, when all employees trying to make their morning coffee and overloaded circuit breaker will switch off the building from the grid or pay penalty for exceeding reserved input power,said founder of AgeVolt Jan Zustiak. System offers priority of users, so VIP customers can charge their cars by full charging power.

Modular product which can be set and assembled by you

AgeVolt can be delivered to its owner as an assembled ready to use product. But the functionality and final design can be chosen by the customer - he can buy it as a set of dismantled components (cheaper than the final product, of course) and provide the assembly by himself or he can choose some components of the charger and implement them into his own projects according to his needs. So customer can integrate AgeVolt into his own control cabinets, boxes or pillars – anywhere he needs.

Teco cutomers and partners can buy hardware Teco according to their customs as well as other components of these charging stations (boxes, fittings, cable bunches, …) and as well the AgeVolt software. This sales model can bring them extra margin on deliveries to end users and as well offer extra services and after-sales service to chargers owners.

Important note: Even these set of chargeres components holds required certification 61581-22 EIC:2001. Price list of all models and components you can find in Teco price list soon.

Revolutionary solution with European Seal of Excellence

Quality of unique connection represented by our control system and software AgeVolt has been confirmed by Eurpean Committee and in June 2020 awarded AgeVolt by Seal of Excellence and ranked the project into most innovative projects in Europe. More information about this unique charging system, which connects electric car charging with building energy management you can get at www.agevolt.com.