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Energy management - Meat production facility Policka


In 2018, it was requested that the energy system of the company's production facility be completely renovated. Based on previous projects implemented in collaboration with ELG-ELECTRIC and CERGOMONT, the GEOVAP company was approached to participate in the creation of the project documentation (together with the TEVA-elektro company) and to be involved in the tender process.

Once the solution, which includes the robust Tecomat Foxtrot control system and the Reliance SCADA/HMI system, was approved, assembly and engineering work could begin. The particularity and difficulty of this project are that all work was performed during business hours and that there was a minimum number of factory shutdowns when in transition to the new system (on weekends only).

Control system

The Tecomat Foxtrot system is decentralized and installed in 13 control cabinets throughout the production facility. For data exchange, the PLCs are interconnected through PLCNet. Each control cabinet is equipped with an HMI panel for local control.

The Reliance SCADA/HMI system is installed on a computer located in the control room with 24/7 service. The prime objective of Reliance is to gather data from the PLCs and present it graphically so that the operator is notified immediately of the status of the production facility's technological systems and is able to identify and solve potential problems.

All operating data is logged to a database. Energy data logging is also an integral part of the project. The meat production company's power engineer can view the data via Reliance's Web server using reports or trends. This data is used by the customer to analyze the operation of the production facility.

The control system is used to control and monitor:

  • 2 Bosch steam boilers as the main sources of steam (Modbus communication)
  • Steam pressure
  • 4 steam–water heat-exchanger plants
  • Heating and distributing water throughout the production facility
  • Wastewater treatment plant with hot water heating and distribution for sludge handling
  • Air-conditioning units
  • Refrigeration compressors and the utilization of their waste heat for the preheating of hot water
  • Consumption of electrical power, gas, water, and heat (M-Bus communication)