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Showroom in luxury apartment complex - Kiev, Ukraine


In luxury apartment complex Tetris Hall in Kiev was constructed showroom equipped by our control system Tecomat Foxtrot.

Showroom is a great tool for our Ukrainian distributor, company CP Profikom, as a example of solution for system integrators learning and using system Tecomat Foxtrot in home automation field and as well for presentation of home automation possibilities for end users, who are buing in Tetris Hall their apartments and can have Foxtrot implemented there. And for sure, all customers interested in home automation with Foxtrot can see it and test, how it works.

Tecomat Foxtrot here controls and integrates:

  • heating and cooling
  • lights and light scenes
  • security system Satel
  • curtains
  • cameras
  • multimedia
The apartament can be controlled by wall switches with preprogrammed scenes, via built in tablet on the wall in the living room and as well via any tablets with Iridium visualization including remote access.
System contains "leaving" and "coming home" button which automatically runs a lot of preprogrammed actions and scenes.