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Comfortable technologies control - dermatological clinic in Dubai


Our customer On time Company together with support of our Dubai´s office TECO ME implemented control system Tecomat Foxtrot for complex technologies control of new dermatological clinic in Dubai.

This clinic consists of two floors, each one contains a number of treatment rooms and a waiting place. TECO ME provided full controlling of the functions in it like: lighting, AC controlling, FCU controlling CCTV, sound, audio/video, shutters & gate, and controlling the Execution fans. All of those automated systems provide comfortable control for the user in the daily life.

Userfriendly interfaces

We always strive to highlight the best solutions with the least complications so in this project the user interfaces were built in a way that makes controlling and monitoring the condition of the systems in the clinic easier for the user so everything that needs to be used repeatedly is present in one interface so it does not have to enter the rest of the other interfaces.

Control system

In the clinic there are many lights, so there is easy way to set required light atmosphere or scene from different places by switches or tablet/phone. The lights outside the clinic (outside lights, LED panel and Sign board) we can controlling them by time or LUX value imagine that the clinic closed but the user can turn the lights outside it, even when he does not have to press any buttons or enter the system, he only needs to specify the desired time and the lighting will work automatically. How wonderful.

AC control:
By our system we make the user s able to control the AC units by the interfaces via mobile/tablet instead of the traditional remote control.

FCU control:
Some rooms of this clinic has FCU to control the temperature inside it so that we make the user able to controlling those units by our interface or via our thermostat device which is Wall-mounted, beautifully shaped and suitable for building scenery.

Water level:
there are two water tanks in that building so we make the user able to see the water level in each one of them. With Teco ME keep up to date with the finest details of your building.

Shutter is useful to decrease overheating of the clinic during hot days. Foxtrot allows user to control with shutter in clinic, and gives user special functions to control with shutter according to the temperature in the ground floor.

Sound system solution:
The integration between TECOs’ system & DENONs’ sound mixers making music listening a unique experience with full controlling and high performance system.

Matrix video/audio:
4 different sources and 4 screens how we can control them witch source will be displayed on any screen, so our system make the solution to this issue by the integration with Saten 4*4 matrix we make the user able to full control this system.

Power meter:
Monitoring the all parameters of the power meter by one interface and making a database to store the power conception values in it and making different reports (daily, hourly, monthly and annual).

CCTV system:
In this clinic there are four cameras our system integrated with Digifort to provide remotely monitoring of those cameras by one kindly interface. Keeping your eyes on your building will make you more secured. DIGIFORT stands for ‘Digital Fortress’ and it’s an IP surveillance and Management software purposely developed to offer a new level of CCTV control & analysis.