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Complete control of lights and jalousies in the House of Culture - Ostrava, Czech Republic


  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Name: Complete control of lights and jalousies in the House of Culture - Ostrava
  • Implemented by: EMVT s.r.o. Ostrava, Lumir Zmijka
  • Date: 2013-2014
  • Control System: Tecomat Foxtrot
  • Software: Mosaic

Complete control of lights and jalousies in the House of Culture Akord - Ostrava

The House of Culture is called Flagship of Ostrava culture life. Complete remodeling of the building has been done from 2013 to 2014. The investor was City Ostrava. The whole solution is a work of architects Denisa Barvikova and design studio "d21 architekti s.r.o." Complete lighting system has been projected by company LUXPLAN. As control system for the whole lighting has been chosen our control system Foxtrot. Electric installation project, installation and programming of the whole system were done by company EMVT s.r.o, Ostrava.

In the building there are four central modules  CP-1000, which control lights, jalousies and light scenes. Each central module CP-1000 controls a part of the building. The whole overview of lighting operation is on one touch display in reception at the entrance. The control touch display has also optical and acoustic signalization of main and emergency lighting circuit breakers statuses, important for operation. For maintenance there is ready remote access via internet and simple visualization.

Implemented control modules:

  1. Central dressing room ground floor, corridors from first to fifth floor. Lighting in ground floor and first floor is created by LED stripes, which are installed under translucent foils. LED stripes are controlled via DALI bus. In part of corridors in second to fifth floor there are installed original bulb lights from 50th of 20tt century, which were rebuild. Standard bulbs have been exchanged by LED lights and stripes.
  2. Restaurant, kitchen and bar in first floor. Tubes and LED lights in ceiling lights in restaurant, controlled via DALI bus.
  3. Music hall, lounges in second and third floors and administrative spaces. There are installed tubes and LED lights. Foxtrot here also integrates jalousies and blinds, prepared light scenes in each area according to user requirements. In music hall there are original bulb lights from 50th of 20th century. Three chandeliers, each one consists of 37 pc of glass globes. Originally it was equipped by 60W bulbs. Chandelier has been renewed, 60W bulbs has been replaced by LED bulbs 7W. Circumference of the hall has been completed by LED stripes. Control of each chandelier is divided into 5 groups. Central control of the music hall is from place of music direction.
  4. Club Akord, first floor, bar in first floor and a lounge at club. There are installed ceiling tubes and LED lights, controlled via DALI bus. There are prepared light scenes there. During operation of the club, there is possible to change complete lighting or switch off from place of music direction. 

In the building, there are installed about 680 pc lights, 1 400 light sources and surface lighting on area of 580 square meters. This area is covered by LED stripes and transparent foil. For control of the light there are used 350 DALI addresses. System Foxtrot controls 85 pc of jalousies and blinds. At selected places, there are installed motion detectors connected to digital input of the system. System also monitors 16 groups of auxiliary contacts, in total 64 circuit breakers, which are connected to digital inputs and via failure signaling there is monitored its status.