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Complete light control system in Museum World of Technique in Ostrava, Czech Republic


  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Name: Complete light control system in Museum World of Technique, Ostrava
  • Implemented by: Creative imperial CZ s.r.o.
  • Date: 2014
  • Control system: Tecomat Foxtrot
  • Software: Mosaic

On September 26, 2014, there was opened in city Ostrava (Czech Republic) a unique interactive museum World of Technique. The building was build according to winning study of architect Jan Pleskot, as mentioned on ČeskéFirmy.com.

On-line news server Novinky.cz informed on 30th September 2014 the public, that on 30th September 2014, at exhibition For Arch in Prague, architect Jan Pleskot was awarded as Architect of the Year for this project Museum of Technique.

The museum is full of technique toys and light and light scenes are playing key roles in presented exhibits.

We are very glad that control of the whole light system is provided by our control system Tecomat Foxtrot. And we may say that the only one Foxtrot central module. It controls almost a half thousand of lights on 15 branches of DALI bus.

Shortly said, the installation contains:

  • 1x main control cabinet,
  • 6x secondary control cabinet,
  • 1x CP-1000,
  • 3x C-DM-0012S,
  • 12X C-DM-0064M,
  • 190 preprogrammed buttons - control circuits,
  • 479 lights controlled by DALI bus,
  • in total there are more than 600 controlled lights.

It controls lighting of:

  • outside spaces,
  • exhibition spaces,
  • 3D cinema hall,
  • theater hall,
  • corridors,
  • toilets,
  • exhibits.

Have a look at invitation video of the World of Technique at YouTube.