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Control and monitoring of technologies, electricity and water meters - General Authority of Islamic Affairs & Endowments


Implementation: Orient, United Arab Emirates

There are several cooling and heating systems in this office building. The goal was to implement a solution here that will allow you to easily monitor and manage all these technologies.

Another goal was to put into operation a system for regular monitoring of 65 electricity meters and 7 water meters, which are located in the building. From the available data, also create regular reports on consumption and compare them with the maximum possible level of electricity consumption.

Air conditioning units

There are many air conditioning units in the building, which can be controlled by thermostats located in different places in the building or with the help of a mobile device with an easy-to-use user interface. Their monitoring is enabled thanks to the Reliance SCADA system, which allows all thermostats to be displayed on one clear screen.

Our system also provides monitoring and control of all refrigeration and air conditioning units.

Monitoring of elevators and other technologies

There are five elevators in the building. Our system allows monitoring of their exact position and the status of their cabin and fire alarms.

Other monitored technologies include, for example, a fire protection system, a smoke detection system, a fire alarm and many others.

Monitoring of electricity meters

In connection with electricity meters, in addition to consumption data, many technical parameters are also monitored. The system also warns of exceeding the set monthly, weekly and daily electricity consumption limit.

Monitoring of water meters

The system allows monitoring of daily, monthly and annual water consumption and allows you to compare it with the maximum possible, predefined consumption. The system can easily create regular consumption reports, including graphical display.