TECO - Automation - Detail


Control and monitoring of the lighting of the operating rooms in the České Budějovice Hospital


• Country: Czech Republic
• Year of implementation: 2021
• Control system: Tecomat Foxtrot, CP-2007
• Software: Mosaic
• Visualization: WebMaker Mosaic
• Implementation: MICRONIC Přerov s.r.o.

 The subjects of the implementation:

• hall lighting control via the DALI interface, including RGBW lights and switching of operating lights
• insulation system status signaling – insulation status and overheating of insulation transformers
• monitoring of medical gas pressure values
• acoustic and visual signaling of faults - alarms.

The object of the implementation was to provide a modern solution for the control, monitoring and signaling of 6 operating rooms in the newly built pavilion of the České Budějovice hospital. For implementation, we chose the CP-2007 central control unit from the new Foxtrot 2 series. This unit not only takes care of its own status monitoring, lighting control, heating, optical and acoustic alarm signaling through its own integrated inputs and outputs, but also through external CIB units.

The biggest challenge was to solve the control of the RGBW LED panels when the operator needs to set the appropriate light color for the endoscopic procedure. These lights are controlled via DALI2 (Device Type 8) ballasts, which, compared to the older implementation of the DALI (Device Type 6) protocol, have only one address, which sets both the RGB color component, as well as the white component and brightness.

The actual control of the halls is realized on six recessed glass touch panels with a screen size of 22" with FullHD resolution, on which a visualization of the control of each hall is displayed. These touch screens are located inside the hall, so they must meet the specific conditions of the hospital environment. The goal was to solve an intuitive graphical interface through which all the necessary functions would be available on one screen. Visualization of the hall includes setting the lighting, monitoring the medical gas pressure values ​​and their alarms in case of values ​​outside the required range. Faults in the insulation system are also signaled - overheating of insulation transformers and insulation condition.

 Central monitoring and other functions are set from the maintenance service panel. The visualization runs on an integrated web server in the control unit and was created by the WebMaker tool in the Mosaic programming tool