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Control of lighting in manufacturing hall of company Andritz Kufferath s.r.o. - Slovakia


  • Country: Slovakia
  • Name: Control of lighting in manufacturing hall of company Andritz Kufferath s.r.o. - Slovakia
  • Implemented by: DEÁK elektro, s.r.o.
  • Date: 2013-14
  • Control system: Tecomat Foxtrot
  • Software: Mosaic

In 2013, company Andritz Kufferath s.r.o. expanded its manufacturing facilities and for lighting system they required fully automated system. The main reason for it was saving of energy and the another one was minimization of human factor.

The type of manufacturing and work required high demand of lighting sources. It was necessary to reach intensity of min. 900 lx at user level and ensure sharp light temperature and light index. That´s why they couldn´t use LED ligths and they chose ligth sources 4x49W controlled by DALI bus. 

In manufacturing hall there are placed few sensors of light intesity and system Foxtrot as  master system according to information from sensors controls automatically lights  (together with 120 pc of DALI ballasts) separated into 5 independent zones. In case of good light conditions there is in the hall a high rate of natural daily light and system automatically calculates a rate of light need to deliver to reach the right level of required light conditions. This ensures that lighting system consume only so electricity that is needed for light comfort of manufacturing.

The whole system is visualized on touch display placed in control cabinet, where we can monitor, edit and configure each parameters of light system. By automation of light system together with DALI bus there is easy to diagnose and maintenance ligth sources. We can easy check status of each liht via touch display and user program.

This implementation has been done by company DEÁK elektro , s.r.o. as full delivery from project designing via instalaltion to programming and calculating of light conditions.