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Control of technologies in an office building in Damascus


In the Mazza Mall building in Damascus, there are offices where the Tecomat Foxtrot system controls many technologies - lights, blinds and water tanks. However, it also monitors electricity meters and the condition of sewerages.

Control of lighting and blinds in the building is a standard feature of the Tecomat Foxtrot system. In addition, our system in this building also monitors the water level in the reservoirs. There is one main tank in the building, which supplies 8 smaller ones. The water level in them is regularly evaluated by the system. When the water level in one of them reaches the set minimum, the water supply from the main tank is automatically replenished.

The ISTC company, which implemented the Tecomat Foxtrot system here, also manages the water consumption database in each office on a daily, monthly and annual basis. It also manages a database of values ​​from electricity meters.