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Control system of heating system for aquarium fish wholesaler


  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Name: Control system of heating system for aquarium fish wholesaler 
  • Implemented by: EVP v.o.s.
  • Date: 2010
  • Control system: Central module Foxtrot CP-1015
  • Software: internal web server, 7 user web pages, 4 maintenance web pages

Company Tommi CZ is active more then 20 years on field of manufacturing and distribution of home breeders needs and feed for pets. Control system Tecomat Foxtrot has been choosen as a control system for aquarium fish wholesale storage. There is a need to control heating system of the building and the water temperature in tens of water tanks with exotic fish. The system has been implemented by company EVP (www.evp.cz), that has a lot of succesful implementations in building management systems and measurement and control and remote control of heating systems in boiler rooms, exchange stations, farmer stations and water plants. Control system contains of cenbtral module CP-1015,  operator panel ID-14 and expand modules IB-1301, OS-1401 and 2 x IT-1601.

PLC FOXTROT controls operation of gas boiler room, floor and plate radiátor and heating of water for tanks with aquariumfish.  It monitor error statuses as well.