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Control system of PAZ-2 Office Building in Ramat Gan Center, Tel Aviv - Izrael


  • Country: Izrael, Tel Aviv
  • Name: Control system of airconditioning, machine cooling and fire dampers in Office Building PAZ-2
  • Implemented by: Teco Israel
  • Date: 2011
  • Control system: Foxtrot CP-1005
  • Software: Mosaic, Wizcon

During 2011, Tecomat Foxtrot control system has been implemented to control airconditioning, machine cooling and fire dampers in Office Building PAZ-2. The building is placed in Trade Center Ramat Gan in Tel Aviv. Here we may find the highest buildings in Izrael and also one of the most famous diamond exchange of the world.

During reconstruction of the building PAZ-2, there were added extra floors. For extension of building management system - airconditioning, machine cooling and fire dampers - has been choosen control system Tecomat Foxtrot with central module CP-1005.

Into the existing control system of the building, the new Foxtrots are connected via Modbus.

Project has more then 350 inputs and outputs. For remote inputs we use bus CIB. These remote inputs are used for connecting fire dampers of airconditioning units. 

The visualization of the system has been done in Wizcon and we may see, it is in Hebrew language. In the tables they may set up required values for each parts of the building and for appropriate season, so they may meet the parameters of the airconditioning system and reach the savings in energy consumption. 

In technical department there are 5 cooling compressors Trein, 3 of them are for 300 tons, 2 of them for 500 tons of refrigerant. Foxtrot controls all of them.