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Grand Hotel Hradec: The combination of masterful architecture and smart automation in the heart of the Giant Mountains


Guest comfort and the experience of staying in 68 luxurious rooms, a stylish restaurant and a wellness center. Supervision and easy technology control for staff. Both are technically provided by the Tecomat Foxtrot control system with vizualization platform SCADA/HMI - Reliance. You can experience it right in Pec pod Sněžkou in the middle of the beautiful Giant Mountains´ nature.

Grand Hotel Hradec prides itself not only on refined architecture, but also on a high level of interior equipment and services. The visual aspect is complemented by modern technical equipment such as air conditioning, lighting, underfloor heating and audio-visual technology. These technologies are controlled by the Tecomat Foxtrot system (by a system of four CP-1001 PLC central modules). Monitoring is provided using SCADA/HMI visualization by the Reliance system. Together, they guarantee the integration and control of most of the hotel's technologies.

Realization: MICROCOMP Plus s.r.o.

In addition, hotel guests can control the ventilation and heating in their rooms using the luxurious Touch@Glass glass switches/controllers by Teco.



The Tecomat Foxtrot system controls the following technologies:

  • heating
  • water heating
  • cooling
  • ventilation
  • lighting in common areas
  • DALI light scenes including scenes in conference rooms
  • restaurant and facade lighting
  • local control (restaurants, conference rooms) via wall-mounted tablets
  • audio technology according to different zones including volume (communication via Ethernet)
  • room modes of heating and ventilation (floor heating, reheating of the air of recuperation units, blocking according to the state of the saver, opening of windows)
  • air conditioning units for conference rooms and the restaurant

The hotel administrator and receptionists can monitor and set up all technical devices through the Reliance Control Server module and the "thin" client (Reliance Web Client). The administrator has full access to monitor and set system parameters, while the receptionists have access limited to those parts that are necessary for their work.


The Reliance visualization is structured as follows:

  • Overview of hotel rooms by floor with details of each room
  • Detailed view of zones such as wellness and conference rooms; with the possibility of quick adjustment of parameters
  • Overview of lighting and control of different scenes
  • Overview of ventilation units and their settings
  • Overview of the heating of the entire building
  • Detailed information on individual technological parts of the main boiler room
  • Monitoring of electricity consumption both overall and in individual parts of the building
  • Service menu for setting global parameters and performing quick actions such as bulk setting of room modes (reduction/operation)

(you can find more examples of screens in the photo gallery above)


Visualization is complemented by PLC websites that can be viewed on wall-mounted tablets in restaurants and conference rooms, enabling rapid control of areas, including heating, ventilation, lighting and sound scenes.