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HVAC control system of the Moravian Library building, Brno


  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Name: HVAC control system of the Moravian Library building
  • Implemented by: TECONT s.r.o.
  • Date: 1999 - 2001
  • Control System: 82x Tecomat NS950 RAPID, TC600, TECOREG TR300, TR141 (IRC)
  • Software: 1x Reliance Runtime Control for 10,000 data points

In 1999 construction began on the Moravian Library. The Library of the 21st Century is one of the most noteworthy constructions in the city of Brno.

The grand opening of the Moravian Library in Brno took place in March of 2001. It was an event for all involved in the Czech library profession. In the course of that year thousands of librarians and architects, as well as those of other professions came to take a tour and wonder at the concept of the building. Although the original thought behind the architecture was Information flows are winding to enlightenment…, it's really only seen in the fact that in the whole building you won't find a single right angle. On the other hand, the operation of the library and information services are carried out with simplicity and efficiency.

The control system of the entire building is based on the automatic control units Tecomat NS950 RAPID, TC600, TECOREG TR300, TR141 (IRC) each covering a specific system part defined by function or location. 

The full reference you may read at www.reliance.cz.